SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill confirms suicide attempt

March 30, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill confirmed he attempted suicide earlier this month, in a statement released today. Hill attributes his attempt on his life to the stresses of running for office.

After inching in front of his political opponent Stacy Korsgaden, Hill chaired a March 10 board meeting.

A day later, on March 11, FBI agents searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor of the county building and Hill’s home.

Later that day, emergency personnel transported Hill to a hospital following an attempted suicide. Hill has been noticeably absent from county meetings since he was released from the hospital.

Hill’s statement:

“In the weeks leading up to Election Day, I fell into a bad episode of depression, culminating in an attempt to end my life. At this time, I appreciate your respect for my privacy and your understanding.

“I’ll have more to say later, but right now my main focus is on restoring my health so I can return to the job I love.

“I cannot comment on pending confidential investigations by the FBI except to say that we are cooperating fully with their inquiries and will provide news when we can.

“With COVID-19 consuming our daily routine, I’m grateful for the outstanding work our county staff is doing and am humbled by the people of San Luis Obispo County and their efforts to help one another get through this crisis.

“In situations like this, it’s easy to become isolated and suffused with anxiety. It can take a toll.

“Please look out for each other. Especially those who are most vulnerable. These are demanding times.”


Attorney Stew Jenkins will discuss the Adam Hill “situation” Thursday from 5:05 to 6 p.m. on News/Talk KVEC radio, 920 AM/96.5 FM.

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Erik T

Thanks Dave.


Can we confirm Sheriff Parkinson has paid Adam a visit to take possession of all his guns and to make sure any guns with family members that Adam would have access to are either secured are to also remove them, given Mr. hill has admitted to being mentally unstable? For the safety of everyone and especially everyone Adam has be verbally abusive to, if the Sheriff has not and Adam were to do something I think the Sheriff would be liable.


Dare you say law enforcement should be completely professional and non-political? Just when did YOU fall off the back of the turnip truck? In Parkinson’s favor, I think he’s done was he can to date and will continue to try to make progress. He has an elective office, Rita Neal does not, Hill on the rampage and a SLO Progressive candidate’s campaign could HAVE brought him down next time. The FBI may be involved due to the scope of the investigation, and maybe the SO and DA brought them in for help for the aforementioned reasons, I hope so. We know that Hill, Wallace, Lee, Shoals, and many others were corrupt and spreading like a cancer SLO County has ever known, not that it was squeaky clean before.

Erik T

You are suggesting the DA and the SO brought the FBI in? Please.


Maybe, maybe not, but many commenters here lack instititional knowledge. After Ed Williams retired (finally) all 7 police chiefs decided it was time to clean up the SO and backed retired SLOPD Chief Jim Gardiner, formerly a Newport Beach Captain who recovered from being shot on duty as a patrol officer. The deputies association went ape-shit and came up with and elected a clown within their ranks, Pat Hedges, a long story in itself. Given the history of the department, Parkinson, while of course less than perfect, is pretty clean. I’m thinking if he got too much push-back, and he probably did, he might drop a dime on the FBI.


He has failed at everything he has done and he even failed at what he thought would be the last thing he ever did. Total failure.