SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill secures District 3 win

March 14, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden and Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has secured enough votes to win reelection. Countywide, there are 3,361 ballots left to count.

On Friday, the Clerk Recorders Office released its latest tally. In District 3, Hill leads challenger Stacy Korsgaden 51 percent to 49 percent. With only 512 ballots left to count, Hill is ahead by 601 votes.

Following Wednesday’s FBI raid on his county office, Hill attempted suicide and was placed on a temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment. Hill is currently unavailable for comment.

In all three supervisor races, incumbents won the elections. In District 1, Supervisor John Peschong crushed his challenger Stephanie Shakofsky 66 percent to 34 percent.

In District 5, Supervisor Debbie Arnold won against her challenger Ellen Beraud 53 percent to 47 percent.

“I am beyond humbled and honored that my neighbors have given me another four years to serve as their voice on the Board of Supervisors,” Arnold said. “This campaign has always been about delivering real results to ensure that we preserve a strong SLO County way of life. I look forward to getting back to work and fighting for the residents of our great community.”

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Despite Hill’s narrow victory–and may it be but a brief and fleeting one–on balance, this was a really bad week for Adam, not to mention the 3rd district. If it wasn’t for CCN, we wouldn’t have a clue about what has really happened and the depth of his transgressions. Expect many more shoes to drop on this in the coming weeks and months.

“Expect many more shoes to drop on this in the coming weeks and months.”

Well, I wish that I could- I really, truly, sincerely do. But I don’t.

I do, however, sincerely PRAY that “many more shoes” will drop, but I don’t expect it. The local law enforcement community has, unfortunately, proven itself to be a complete joke. The elements of our local political community have either fostered this situation or silently allowed it to grow and fester. The local media (except for CCN) has nurtured this corruption and enabled its growth and development.

And the FBI? Oh, please- give me a break. I’m not sure why they even bothered to stick their noses in here. Just look at our pathetic national scandals that have been “overseen” by the federal “law enforcement” system.

I apologize for this eruption of cynicism. I really, truly, do. I used to have full faith and trust in our local, state and federal governmental agencies to fulfill their sworn duties and responsibilities to “preserve and protect” and serve our nation’s citizens and taxpayers. But, over the years, what instead has occurred is systematic perversion of everything that this nation used to stand for.

The voters of the 3rd District just apparently re-elected a thoroughly corrupt and mentally unstable politician not only to serve on, but also to preside over, our County’s Board of Supervisors. He might- MIGHT- get some sort of laughable slap on the wrist for some little transgression. But do NOT expect him to be held fully accountable for his arrogant disregard for the welfare of our people.

Again, I apologize. I really, truly, do. I wish I could still hold the optimism that TKG (thankfully) still exhibits. And I hope to Hell that the FBI will prove me to be completely wrong.

Panflash, your cynicism is understandable and well deserved, but after their raid and what Hill did in response to it, I don’t see how the FBI can un-ring that bell…

A suicidal, moody, lying, mentally unstable, depressed individual in charge of the BOS. Well good deal, keep up the good work people.

Let’s pray his victory is only temporary. Again, as I’ve stated for years, he was not stable mentally. As I commented on 3-7-2020 in a previous CCN story, he himself would rid us of him. It was just a matter of time. He proved me right. He alone is responsible for the place he finds himself. Seems funny to me that after all of the hoopla from Mayor Harmon and her support and promotion of him, she has been extremely silent. It should be obvious to all, she has her own set of issues. May the citizens of SLO city rid us of her as well in a future election.

This ought to be an interesting year…

The voters in the the 3rd district never cease to astound me.. . I guess we now have a better idea of just how many are on the take, and how many are simply lemmings.

A member of the Board is required to make numerous serious decisions that effect the livelihood, physical well-being and social interactions of many citizens. It appears that Mr. Hill has some legal problems and some mental issues. It appears that he is unfit for public office. We have just elected the least competent individual – we have set the bar as low as it can go.

While mental health is no laughing matter, recent events would suggest that regardless of whatever the results may be, this man is presently unfit to fulfill duties.

After a close call, Adam’s back, with the full support of the SLO Progressives, The Tribune, Dee Torres, Helios Dayspring, Gary Grossman, John Belsher, Ryan Petetit, Heidi Harmon, Dawn Addis, Andy Pease, Aaron Gomez, John Shoals, Jeff Lee, Caren Ray and all the politically selected corrupt government staff that serves those people and not you or I.

He can attend Board of Supervisors meetings via teleconference from the slammer…technology rules!