Dee Torres sets sights on Supervisor Adam Hill’s retirement

April 8, 2020

Dee Torres and Supervisor Adam Hill


One day after San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill attempted suicide, his soon-to-be ex-wife Dee Torres took action to attach Hill’s county retirement account.

After two years of marriage, Hill and Torres separated in the fall of 2016, according to court records. In early 2019, Hill filed for divorce.

Hill submitted an entry of judgement and a proposed judgement on Jan. 24, 2020, in order to finalize the divorce.

On March 11, the FBI raided Hill’s office at the county government center and his Shell Beach home. Shortly after the last agent left his home, Hill attempted to kill himself. First responders then transported Hill to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

The following day, March 12, Torres’ attorney Gary Faucette signed a pleading seeking to allow Torres rights to Hill’s employee benefit plan. Before this action, both Hill and Torres had represented themselves in the divorce.

Hill and Torres jointly signed a document, on March 16, asking the court to set aside the “default judgement” on their divorce, and giving Torres rights to Hill’s county retirement account.

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It’s sad to see any reporter hold grudges. I hope that’s not the case.

Ted R

A lot better of people took the time to disagree with you, Jim. Including me.


How fun! And we get to pay for it!

what the

What the…!?!


What nest of snakes.




Does the modification of the default judgment imply that Hill thinks he has any benefits after conviction? Maybe he has to kill himself before conviction. Or does the “job related disability” of having to kill yourself rather than face trial qualify for a separate benefit?


Dee will soon move to Florida and buy some tigers.


It would a wonderful gift to the people of San Luis Obispo if they could be cell mates. When do we get to hear the results of the FBI raids?


Better than donated gift cards intended for the homeless at Christmas…

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