Police cite seven men $1,000 each for group beer run

April 13, 2020

Santa Cruz police officers cited seven men Friday night with $1,000 tickets for violating California’s shelter-in-place order by hanging out outside a 7-Eleven. The men had driven from the Bay Area city of Fremont to buy beer in Santa Cruz.

Police found the men hanging out at the 7-Eleven on Ocean Street.

“7 x $1,000 = one expensive hang out,” the police department stated in a Facebook post. “Not smart. Everyone should know by now that this is not the time to meetup and party. Officers cited seven $1,000 tickets for shelter in place violations to help these guys remember their time in Santa Cruz.

“If you are not from Santa Cruz and you put our community at risk, you will get a ticket.”

Santa Cruz County health officials have ordered the temporary closure of all parks and beaches in the county. The closure lasts through Wednesday, and violations of the rule are punishable by citations or arrests, with fines of up to $1,000.


ALL 7 had to go? Idiots.


Yes, you all have to go, its a beer run. Apparently you did not go to college.


That’s a helluva beer run, 50 miles. And you can still buy beer at your local market or convenience store, I do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1vRvW3QUys

Niles Q

Amazing, in Santa Cruz, the place where old hippies go to die.

Exactly when did the governor’s executive order authority come to include suspending Constitutional rights?

Send these guys packing but don’t criminalize the Right of Freedom of Assembly.

Freedom of speech will be next to go, then the Right to protest against the government. When this is finally over, we people need to better define what powers the government should and shouldn’t have in these emergency response situations.


Did they at least get a decent ale?


Hopefully The Authorities will allow us to leave our homes by July 4th, so we can celebrate our Freedom….


We still have the 1st Amendment. Those tin-horns are going to have trouble making that stick.


So it is ‘legal’ for citizens who live in Santa Cruz to put their fellow citizens at risk by shopping at this market, but not for any other ‘free men’ to do so?! I call extreme b******t.

Granted… not the smartest move to buy your beer and then hang out in front of the store regardless of where you are.


At least we still have our freedoms.


Looking at the + and – hits… DocT’s post is a classic example how some people just don’t understand sarcasm.