SLO County planning phased end to shelter at home rules

April 13, 2020

San Luis Obispo County Administrator Wade Horton announced the county is considering a phased end to shelter at home rules during Monday’s press briefing.

Before moving forward, the county wants to make sure the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to remain flat or to decrease. In addition, the county will need to follow the state’s plan for reopening the economy, County Health Officer Penny Borenstein said.

“We continue to see low numbers in our county and in our hospitals especially,” Borenstein said. “We are beginning to talk about and think about what an exit strategy will look like from our shelter at home, it will be a step-wise approach.”

On Monday, the SLO County Health Department reported three new cases of the virus.

Of the 117 confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County, 95 individuals have recovered and one has died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are two people hospitalized in intensive care units, and 19 recuperating at home.

In California, there have been 24,086 positive cases and 725 deaths.

Currently, more than 586,748 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 23,618 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 1,923,653 cases with 119,595 dead.

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This gigantic social and scientific experiment will reveal intuitive truths… there are NO experts in re-starting a gigantic economy. Giant risks will be taken, but I suspect we are overdoing it right now in the name of safety. In order to recover, we must accept that there will be more death, illness and outbreaks. It will be messy and imperfect. BUT it must happen. Start with requiring masks/gloves and distancing while opening everything. Testing is CRITICAL.

All indications are we had our main bout with the virus months ago. Several members of my family and friends experienced a long and strange illness that was not diagnosed as the common flu. Most of the temporary hospitals built in the state are empty, or near empty. And most curious, why haven’t we seen a major outbreak in the filthy homeless sections of LA and SF? If any group is most vulnerable, it’s them. Considering Cal has a huge air bridge between us and China.,.. I suspect we were among the first infected. If so, we should be among the first to recover.

And you have fact based evidence to back up these assertions? Or just your gut instinct?

Sure wish they’d test for influenza and common cold… post those “numbers” along with this latest Chinese virus. Sure would be interesting to see how many “cases” and “deaths” from other maladies we’ve had… and why didn’t we eliminate our freedom and destroy our economy for those?

How many automobile deaths have there been in the County during this same time period?

I get what your are saying as it pertains to SLO but look at New York, the flu or cold has never caused a shortage of ventilators. I don’t think we in the west have the density, public transportation and stressors to set off this virus yet? But what do I know, the virus may have a common awareness and is waiting for a better deployment before signaling a timed spawn? Reads like population a control for the weakened, aged and expense to our social programs.

“But what do I know, the virus may have a common awareness and is waiting for a better deployment before signaling a timed spawn?”

What are you going on about?

“Reads like population a control for the weakened, aged” Go watch some wild kingdom, it’s how nature works, not some bs am radio conspiracy.

If the weaker and aged were predominantly affected, the medical expenses and Social Security obligations would be drastically reduced. this is not a conspiracy theory, or the wild kingdom, this is bio-economics.

I sure wish they would increase the science education budget nation wide.

You’re loopy

SLO County Restaurant food preparers still not required to where face masks. Unbelievable.

Agreed. Why am I going to buy take-out if the preparers don’t have to do something as simple as wear a mask?