San Luis Obispo County allows some businesses to reopen

April 20, 2020

San Luis Obispo County is now allowing several types of businesses to reopen, including pet grooming, construction, recreational fishing, and elective surgery centers. In addition, the county planning department will resume processing permit applications.

The community has successfully flattened the coronavirus curve, and lessened the number of people hospitalized with the virus. In addition, the county has opened an alternative care facility at Cal Poly, in case the county has an influx of new cases.

“Our community can be proud that we have flattened the curve together,” said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health officer. “We are now working together to develop a phased reopening plan.”

Over the next week, county officials are working on a plan for a phased reopening of more businesses, which will require the state to relax its shelter at home order.

The first phase could include retail stores, beauty shops and some restaurants. It is expected that businesses and government agencies permitted to reopen will be required to follow strict safety guidelines.

It is highly unlikely mass gatherings will be permitted until after a vaccine is approved.

On Monday, the SLO County Health Department reported no new cases of the virus.

Of the 132 confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County, 111 individuals have recovered and one has died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are two people hospitalized — with one in intensive care, and 18 recuperating at home.

In California, there have been 33,686 positive cases and 1,223 deaths.

Currently, more than 792,759 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 42,514 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 2,480,731 cases with 170,424 dead.

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Shocked in MB

Am I the only one who seems to be seeing all the statistical Covid-19 reporting falling apart in front of our eyes? Every time I turn on the news there is another weakness in the modeling.

Go out to the CDC website and read how the Covid-19 deaths are determined. It is so arbitrary!

I am at a point where I am starting to believe mass hysteria is taking place

I know that this will raise the ire of people who feel that is politically incorrect to be saying this. The fact that it is politically incorrect says something itself about what we are dealing with.


“… County is now allowing several types of businesses to reopen…”

“Allowing” businesses to reopen. “Allowing.” Think about that for a moment.

Our system of government, laws and judiciary has traditionally been based heavily upon precedent. Governments in this nation, from coast to coast, have taken actions that are highly questionable and in many cases without legal precedent or even constitutionality.

Until now. The actions have been taken. They have created a whole new realm of legal precedent.

Again- think about that.


Hopefully, if they allow ‘pet grooming’ that they will allow ‘human grooming’. From what I can see everyone is a little shaggy these days!

I know I am! I had to give myself a Corona Cut with my beard trimmer.


Dog grooming? Really?


ALL jobs are essential.


I thought construction was already deemed a exempt essential service?

Dog grooming doesn’t seem like much of a risky service, drop Fido off, come back and pick him up later :)

I need a haircut!!!

Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Ball Games, Concerts and Bars, not so much:(

But have much concern for the folks that make their living in those and many more industries:(


Great coverage. But not totally clear. So time line is that some businesses (pet grooming, construction, recreational fishing, and elective surgery centers) are going to immediately open, but others (retail stores, beauty shops and some restaurants) are coming later? You guys are providing great coverage but this is a little vague. What people need to know is specifics. When can I call my dog groomer to make an appointment? When can I get my (not sure how this is a thing) elective colonoscopy done? or When can I call to start scheduling my haircut? And MOST importantly, when can I go out to dinner and get out of the house?


You have a phone, use it. Don’t be shy, call now. They’re either open, or they’re not.


Not smart SLO. Just because we had one day with no cases means squat. Open to soon, and you’re running the risk of it spreading it. I’ll be staying home. Socializing in a restaurant isnt in the cards until I feel secure its under control


I agree that opening businesses opens the door to risks. And I think all of those risks can still be assessed on an individual level. I won’t be going to any restaurants either. But if the restaurant owners and workers, and its patrons, decide they want to take on that risk, then they can be allowed to do it. They can’t be forced to stay shut down for 18 months until there’s a vaccine… and there’s not much difference between reopening in May compared to October, except for increased levels of poverty


The county’s health system may be essentially unaffected *at the moment*, but I think I’ll still be staying home. I mean, for anyone who actually needs to work to stave off financial catastrophe, why risk getting sick by going to a restaurant?