SLO County court records support Biden sexual assault allegations

May 8, 2020

Tara Reade in 1993

A San Luis Obispo County court record from 1996, which was obtained by the Tribune, provides additional support that Tara Reade told others that presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked as a senate aide.

Reade says she informed Biden staff, family and friends in 1993 of the alleged assault in which Biden allegedly attacked her in a corridor, shoved his hand up her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers. Biden has denied the allegations.

In a court declaration contesting a restraining order Reade filed against her former husband Theodore Dronen, the estranged husband attempts to show that Biden’s alleged assault caused Reade emotional harm. Dronen writes that he met Reade while they were both working as Senate staffers.

“On several occasions petitioner related a problem that she was having at work regarding sexual harassment, in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office,” according to the 1996 declaration. “She eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position.”

Several individuals have also recently vouched for Reade, including her former next-door neighbor at a Morro Bay apartment complex who said Reade had tearfully recounted her story.

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This would be a lot easier for the Democrats and the media to make disappear if there weren’t endless hours of video of Joe Biden touching, sniffing, stroking, etc., women and girls, some of whom are quite young and many of whom are clearly recoiling from his embrace. But since he’s a Democrat, the media gives him as much cover as possible, even to the point of coining the term “tactile politics.”

Just let me, as an Army National Guard NCO, try out some “tactile leadership” with female Soldiers and watch how fast my career would end. So obviously there’s one standard for the elites, and another for the hoi polloi. If Biden was serious about heading off allegations of sexual harassment and/or assault, maybe he shouldn’t be looking to well-known creepy pervo Chris Dodd, he of the infamous “waitress sandwich”, to be heading up his VP search.

For me, Biden’s long history of being an advocate for empowering the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under the guise of opening up trade, is disqualifying even before any of the sexual allegations (which are not really new, actually) came up. “They’re not bad folks, folks.” Well, yes they are, they have been and now the whole world has gotten the treatment. And does anyone really think that good old Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal with the Chinese is really going to stay out of the discussion? Right now the country is consumed with COVID-19 and the economic attack by the ChiComs, but soon enough the details of Hunter’s deal for $1.5 billion will get a full airing, and people can draw their own conclusions.

Although the NYT goes to great lengths to claim that everything was above board and legal, even they had to include commentary pointing out how this kind of influence peddling is the province of the political elites. And yes, I know that the Trumps have interests in China as well, so spare me the inevitable “But what about Ivanka?” pearl clutching. The American people have been sold a bill of goods on China for years by both parties. Biden’s main marketing shtick is that he’s the antithesis of Donald Trump, and he obviously isn’t. And for those who lean left, please note that I took pains to link to left-of-center publications to support my points. Am I blind to the issues with Donald Trump? Of course not. I’m an independent who leans conservative.But he’s the only President in the last 30 years to do anything about confronting the CCP. Our choice every four years is for the least odious candidate; that’s just the best our system generates. Each of us then picks what we will or won’t consider disqualifying based on our larger values scheme. I’m a pro-defense, pro-American, pro-2A Soldier and veteran with three deployments under my belt, and for me the choice is Donald Trump. Others will strenuously disagree, and probably hurl invective (racist, bigot, xenophobe, etc. Knock yourselves out, I’ve heard it all before ad absurdum) and then in November we’ll pick one of them. But I’m at least voting with my eyes open, not contorting myself to ignore or excuse that which has been in front of our very eyes for decades.


Thank you for that laugh lines. Well said

First of all, your headline is inaccurate in using the words “sexual assault” to describe what is on the court restraining order document of her ex. Reade says she was abused by him. He wanted, maybe, to deflect the cause of her mental problems away from him. In addition, Ms Reade certainly has been damaged by circumstances in her life, but she is from a dysfunctional family. Do some actual investigating and you’ll find that her large, extended family won’t corroborate these allegations because she never told them what she is saying now; she said what she formerly stated. For years she used and strong-armed family and others for money without any consideration or care, according to what I have been told, and read. In the words of one, “she’s a grifter.” Memories can be manufactured, as mental professionals know very well. I feel sorry for Ms Reade, as she has been damaged. And I won’t question that something happened. Things have happened to most women in the workplace. It’s not on mainstream news because she can’t keep her story straight. Read the VOX piece. They would all love to vet her but they can’t because she lies.

Vox piece that is referenced is below.

This has been almost completely suppressed by the mainstream media. Obviously Fox picked it up as did the NY Post, Britain’s Daily Mail, and other McClatchy papers such as the Miami Herald. The LA Times, SF Chronicle and most other major papers as well as the TV networks have deliberately suppressed this…crickets. The NY Times did have a story because they are out to remove Biden for “Plan B”, i.e. Cuomo.

She spoke of harassment. Not abuse or rape. You Bernie Bros. are desperate. This woman’s story kept changing and this story is mis-information. It does not support the allegations, it shows she is now lying again. I’m no Biden fan, but believe him on this one. Trump’s 25 accusers are more interesting.

If you have links in regard your statement I’d be humbled. I dont think its desperate for Bernie supporters to not like Biden. People are over status quo, hence Trump was elected. And Bernie has progressive ideology and has been on the front lines for human rights; ie, arrests during civil rights protest and never changing his ideology for life and liberty and pursuit of happiness with a democracy as our foundation. A champion of freedom of speech and basic inalienable human rights founded after ww2. And his wealth comes from writing a friggin book and hard honest American work ethic. Biden is a tool with nasty international economic corrupt relations as was and is Obama, Trump, Bush and Clinton. I’m talking Ukraine, Russia etc. His kid was making bank during Russia occupation of Ukraine involving energy production. Sketchy.

We’ll find out what details she told her husband when he gets called as a witness in her civil suit. There was no reason for him to be explicit in the court filings regarding their divorce. He was just stating that she had experienced sexual harassment at work in Joe Biden’s office and that trauma was a factor that affected their relationship later on.



Change his name to Kavanaugh and ..,,

Oh the hypocrisy!

A more complete account, a lot of variation in her accusation, as it changes and builds over time.

There is more to drop on Joe…Reade isn’t the only woman that has levied accusations towards Biden….

For being touchy, shoulders and hair. Haven’t seen anything but that. So, the guy is goofy, old school vain. He apologized.

This is the same Joe Biden who plagiarized a speech from British Labor Party leader Neal Kinnock in 1988.

He gave that speech while on the campaign trail (Kinnock’s delivery was better) and when he got called on it tried to wiggle and worm his way out of it when it came to light he had plagiarized material when he was at university.

The fellow gave me the creeps in 1988 and he still gives me the creeps.

I say take Ms. Reade’s story as a cautionary tale when choosing your candidate in November; sort of like choosing between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

@Side_Show_Bob, I’m not saying Tara is lying but your response makes me think that you’re giving Trump a pass from ALL the women who have made similar allegations? So the #METoo doesn’t count when you’re Trump?