SLO officers looking for person of interest in courthouse bomb threat

May 14, 2020

Person of interest

San Luis Obispo police are looking for the man who bought the phone used Wednesday to call in a bomb threat to the county courthouse on Monterey Street.

At about 11 a.m., a female caller said there were two bombs in the courthouse. Police then closed several streets, bailiffs evacuated the courthouse, and law enforcement searched for the bombs.

However, no explosive devises were found in the building.

Investigators determined the phone was a pre-paid cell which was purchased at a business in San Luis Obispo. Officers were able to get surveillance photos of the purchaser of the phone.

Officers are asking anyone with information about the person in the photos to contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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2 people involved, each committing separate intentional acts that are inter-dependent, is a criminal conspiracy.

If it was to get out of one’s personal court date it would a lessor form of criminal conspiracy.

If it was done as an act of defiance towards the government it would be – domestic terrorism.

Why? Using violence or the threat thereof to make political statements that are intended to limit political discourse, dissuade political activity, or scare people from government interactions is not acceptable in a democracy.

The motivation behind this act is the most important thing to determine.

Bomb threats are not politically protected speech.

Unless he paid cash for it, there should be a credit or debit card that would give the suspect’s name etc.

Helio Dayspring?

Not much confidence in the SLOPD to track the right person down from these type of photos. The last time Chief Cantrell’s storm troopers, including Offcier Walsh I believe, raided an innocent man and his wife and to cover their illegal actions kidnapped the couple kids with the help of CPS and all just because Chief Cantrell lost her gun. With this type of police work we all better watch for the SLOPD keystone cops to break in on us at any moment.

When teens get bored at home and find Daddy’s burner phone……time to reopen.

So one phone call and you want to capitulate to the terrorists?

Weak sauce.

Give Wisconsin a few weeks and we will see.

I hope they catch and prosecute all of those involved. On the other side of the coin, reading the story, we’re all being watched. Everywhere we go and what we say, even here, big brother is watching and listening. Proceed with caution and wisdom.

These were private sector cameras, so no Big Brother. More like little corporate brother, but just as incepted.

The entire communication system has been digitized for years. Which can be filtered, and flagged, for content.

Big brother (Government) would use this to spy on you, the corporate world uses it to market to you. The difference? Hard to tell.

There is no such thing as privacy in a digital world. You gave it up when you signed the T&C’s on your; cell plan, software, Facebook, ISP agreements, etc.

All corporations insist that you give up your rights in order to do business with them.

They push to you what they want you to see, to shape your opinions or buying behavior. Security cameras are the least of our concern.

“They’re not watching and listening” passively, they are actively manipulating and shaping what you think.

So do you really think what you think, or were you made to think this way?

Who are “They” really?

Hey, thanks for helping to make my point. Great Job!

Should have been wearing a mask!