Woman refuses to wear mask in San Luis Obispo store, video

May 22, 2020

Entitled karen refuses to wear a mask in grocery store, then decides to film the confrontation from r/PublicFreakout

A video uploaded to Tik Tok shows a woman refusing to wear a mask inside a San Luis Obispo grocery store and confronting an employee over the requirement.

A woman at the Smart & Final located at 1321 Johnson Avenue refused to wear a mask. She is holding a camera and filming the Smart & Final employee.

In the video, the woman says she has a medical condition. The employee responds by saying the woman needs a note saying she cannot wear a mask inside the store.

“It’s America, right?” the woman says at one point.

“I’m telling you to get out. You’re a loser. Get out,” the employee says. He then threatens to call the police.

The woman responds by saying, “Call the police please. I’ll be here.”

Two more videos uploaded to Tik Tok show the confrontation continuing both inside and outside the Smart & Final.

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A little history on this video, it was originally posted on May 7th by a Facebook user named “Natasha Roady” to a Facebook group called “Collective Action Against Bill Gates. We Wont Be Vaccinated!!” with the caption “This is what happened to me at Smart & Final in San Luis Obispo California on Johnson Avenue just yesterday.” The original video is there if you want to check it out.

Natasha Roady’s Facebook page is full of a bunch of anti-vaccination, anti-government, anti-social distancing propaganda. She clearly went into the store with an agenda to blatantly break the rules to get the store employees to react so she could film them. It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do than make the lives of store employees difficult in their desire to cause drama.

Roll over America….fear rules the day….

Some ‘people’ can just be asinine! An establishment can set the rules for entering their place of business – if someone does not choose to follow those rules – the go somewhere else.

Probably somebody out there that feels the rule about “No Shoes or No Shirt – No Service”

does not need to followed if my podiatrist feels that wearing shoes is detrimental to my health.


Start your own business, create your own rules, deal with whatever your respective city authorizes/restricts and contort to avoid fines, etc. Or sit on the internet expressing your opinion as best interest.

I drove a tractor for over 25 years with no cab and wore a mask for about 75% of that time—at least 30 hours a week. I’m 72 now and my only health issue is a bit of high blood pressure, so I’m skeptical that wearing one is somehow detrimental to your health. Seems like more of a pseudo-libertarian political statement which seems stupid during a pandemic that may eventually kill over 200,000 Americans, far more than we’ve lost in all of our wars since World War II.

The mask resister egged on the employee, but the employee poorly responded. He should have escorted her out and walked away. Politeness in the face of her taunting would have been optimal. Asking her for a doctors note as to why she could not wear a mask. Deference in that case. I think it’s HOW the employee approached her that empowered the foolish gal. I suspect the employee has some personal fear here because he seems to have many risk factors for Covid mortality, age , fitness stress prone personality,

If he is susceptible THEN maybe he should have an approved mask and wear it PROPERLY. Because I see both are FAILS.

Good for her! She is aware and intelligent. My Pulmonologist says wearing a mask is unhealthy, especially for me. So essentially I am being discriminated against when I get turned away from these “freedom unfriendly” establishments. I just spend my dollars elsewhere and will remember not to shop there when the fear mongers finally deem them unnecessary. Mask wearers are simply pledging allegiance to their masters