Woman refuses to wear mask in San Luis Obispo store, video

May 22, 2020

Entitled karen refuses to wear a mask in grocery store, then decides to film the confrontation from r/PublicFreakout

A video uploaded to Tik Tok shows a woman refusing to wear a mask inside a San Luis Obispo grocery store and confronting an employee over the requirement.

A woman at the Smart & Final located at 1321 Johnson Avenue refused to wear a mask. She is holding a camera and filming the Smart & Final employee.

In the video, the woman says she has a medical condition. The employee responds by saying the woman needs a note saying she cannot wear a mask inside the store.

“It’s America, right?” the woman says at one point.

“I’m telling you to get out. You’re a loser. Get out,” the employee says. He then threatens to call the police.

The woman responds by saying, “Call the police please. I’ll be here.”

Two more videos uploaded to Tik Tok show the confrontation continuing both inside and outside the Smart & Final.

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There are some health conditions that can be exacerbated by wearing a mask that causes you to breath your own C02…..that man should be reminded of this by his boss….since I’m sure that that lard ass isn’t the owner…..

What nonsense! If the store wants it’s customers to wear a mask then customers should do it or shop somewhere else. Let the free market work.

A medical condition excuse might get a customer around the rule, but unless we are going to pin a scarlett letter to the shirt of anyone with a valid condition, I’m not sure how the store employees are supposed to know who can’t wear a mask as opposed to who won’t.

As for calling the police, I’m not sure what the store employees thought would happen. With zero bail enacted the only people who go to jail are felons, which this lady is not…. a nuisance, yes, but not a felon.

Police would at the very least issue her a tresspass warning and inform her she is banned for life from entering the establishment and any further attempts to enter will result in a criminal record. With her antics though she seems like she would probably poke/spit on/assault a cop asking her to leave and would lead to more serious charges.

For the record this is not the first store in California she has done this to. Also a proud member of the flat earth society. Not kidding.

I shop there and have no problem wearing my mask. If only kroger had some balls, plenty of tourists in ralphs without masks.

This is a private business and can require people wear mask in their store in accordance with laws. If this person does not want to wear a mask, stay out of the store. I’m tired of people trying to force their views on private businesses. He should have said, “TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.”

Looks like they’re flirting with eachother.

Telling me I MUST wear a mask on a public beach or street is something I would resist.

Telling me I MUST wear a mask in a privately-owned store is quite different; their store, their rules.

Both very valid points, and I agree with both.

However, what happens when all of the independent, mom-and-pop places are gone and now “All restaurants are Taco Bell®” (to paraphrase that silly movie). When all stores are large corporations, who are just as willing to tell you what to do as the government is?

I don’t go to businesses that require masks. What do I do when there are no more businesses that allow free people to shop there? Just a thought.

There is always Amazon, you can where what you want when sitting at your computer placing an order. This women was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame hopefully her 15 minutes are done and we never need to be bothered by her again, but something tells me she be looking for another 15 minutes, people like her are always looking for more.

I wonder how long the “Karens” of the world will continue with being had…

People better figure this out quick, or it will be hell on Earth.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” –Mark Twain

“Karens” ??? what a stupid term.

Looking for her 15 minutes of fame. I don’t want to wear a mask but I’ll either not go or respect the stores request.

Turn off the Fox News.