Gov. Gavin Newsom orders Californians to wear face masks

June 18, 2020

With coronavirus cases continuing to increase as the state reopens, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order Thursday requiring Californians to wear face coverings in most common and public places, both indoors and outdoors, when six-foot social distancing is not possible.

Under Newsom’s rule, Californians must wear masks or face coverings in any room or enclosed area where individuals, other than those in one’s own household, are unable to physically distance.

Specifically, face coverings are required while waiting for or riding public transportations, taxis or ride-sharing vehicles; when inside or in line at any indoor public space; while inside healthcare facilities; and while inside common areas of buildings, including hallways, stairways, elevators and parking facilities. Likewise, the mask rule applies to when individuals are working anywhere where food is prepared or packaged; at work and interacting with any member of the public; or when working in a space visited by members of the public, even if no one is present at the time.

“Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered,” Newsom said Thursday.

Masks are not required while eating or drinking at a restaurant or establishment that serves food or beverages or when receiving a service involving the nose or face. Likewise, the order does not mandate wearing masks when in engaged in outdoor work or recreation, including swimming, hiking, bicycling or running.

Children under the age of two are exempt from wearing a mask due to risk of suffocation. Also, individuals who are hearing impaired or have medical conditions, mental health conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask are exempt.

Additionally, the order exempts jail and prison inmates from the requirement to wear a mask. But, prisons and jails are instructed to create their own guidelines on wearing face coverings for both inmates and staff.


The mask is the symbol of solidarity with the state.

There is no medical reason to wear one. Bandanas and dust masks? Seriously?

But there is every good reason to wear masks if we see them as a means to unite people together and let people know we are fighting this virus and following all county, state and CDC guidelines.

Things are touchy right now and the government needs to see that they have our full consent and submission, so we can follow their lead and beat this virus.

The mask signifies all this and more!

The most profound behavioral change the mask creates is the covering up of the human face. This means our speech becomes more like texting, devoid of nuances, and facial expressions.

This means pretty soon we’ll talk to anonymous, mask wearing strangers the way we talk on the Internet to the same subhuman idiots we meet there.

Lastly, the covering up of the human visage and countenance with the mask shows on a deep, ancient, primal, ritualistic level that no individual is more important than the state. We cover our faces in the presence of the state and on its property.


What a ridiculous comment, DocT. Folks in conservative states are wearing masks. Trying to align mask wearing with party affiliation is a joke.


Party affiliation? Who said anything about that? Not me……

It’s the penultimate symbol of submission to the state. Democrats and Republicans both submit to the state. Or at least they should…..right?

BTW, just so you don’t misunderstand me even more—-and it’s my goal to write in such a way that most people will misunderstand—-I’m not republican. I can’t/won’t vote for Trump. Neither can I vote for the senile dude….what’s his name?

But I certainly know how to signal my submission! Just put on a bandana.


You see Wildrnes, Doc is a principled libertarian, a very rare breed these days. I, too, was once a libertarian, but now consider myself in recovery, because I came to my senses about 20 years ago and realized the entire movement had been so badly corrupted by billionaires such as the Koch brothers that the idea of personal responsibility and free market capitalism were no longer the primary goals.

Instead, it had become simply anti-government for two reasons—taxes and regulations. You see, libertarians believe that Americans should be free to do basically whatever they want, which is great when it comes to social issues, but, not so much when it comes to fiscal issues and taxation because we do not all start on a level playing field and we actually need government intervention to some degree, just as a football game needs a referee.

Today, a principled libertarian will rarely vote for a major party candidate. I would hope that Doc looks at Trump with as much derision as I do. Sadly, he can’t tolerate the Dems either because they might attempt to limit his freedoms. Four years ago, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld ran as libertarians and actually garnered a small percentage of the vote—that and Jill Stein’s campaign probably cost Clinton the electoral college

Anyway, I really like Doc’s posts. They either infuriate me or they make me nod in approval—but at least they make me think which is rare on this board.


Gotcha, the herd instinct is prevalent in politics …”red or blue, do they care about U”. I have been in a town when Obama and Trump came in .,, nauseating .., sad how we pray to Baal. I look at the deficit and competency. Low expectations


What the hell is the difference from what we’re already doing? I’m practical. I’ll wear a mask and gloves when appropriate. He must be sensing the lose of some of his power and control over the people of this state, and he doesn’t like it. He has to feed the appetite of his big ego, and the ever growing self-righteous bloviating between him and the other hapless governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York state. They can’t get enough of themselves. They remind me a lot of Obama in that respect.


Ok, i get it: you are exenpted off wearing a mask because your mental health condition.


You obviously don’t get it. I stated I wear a mask and gloves where needed. By the way, what are you trying to say “exempted of,” or is “exenpted off ” part of a failed education system. I question who might have the REAL condition here.

P.S. “i” should be “I”. Your welcome.


“Your” welcome!


i am having a field day with my comments!Bring it on!


I’ve been using something that has worked just fine instead of a mask. My immune system. It’s been working for my entire life. I also wash my hands and if I touch something I wash again. With a mask I am constantly touching my face. Hate the mask/face coverings.


Face coverings are also meant to stop ourselves from spreading the virus to others.


Correct, sick people should wear a face covering and heavy duty leather gloves.


My,I,me ,hate.Are you a hermit?


There we are, the dark side of America; the people who have no compassion ,the people whose nick name is “me me “,the anarchistes who do not want government.Wear the mask and respect others!


Yup, I agree, as we have seen over the last several weeks, young people, and some older ones also, screaming about justice and how racists this country is…bla, bla, bla…

screaming at each other in public spaces, breaking a few things, and even some media types declaring that demonstrations aren’t supposed to be peaceful, all while a high percentage of these folks not wearing masks.


Just say”I can’t breathe” then take it off and toss it. I’ll bet that will work


So how much is the fines going to be need to replenish our lost funds as Ca is broke but I helped out today had to get car license for 1991 car cost with a smog check $228. If I figured up how much I paid for registration and smog for this car it would amount to more than I paid for car originally. A friend pays $86 for 2 yrs on a three yr old pickup in Oregon Go figure only in CA



I tossed mine last week…..

fat chance

Of course that unless you’re protesting. Who is going to enforce this,I thought they wanted less police interaction with the public.Such total Buii$hit.


Controversial topic. Unfortunately, this mask mandate is about the only option on the table right now to try to slow the spread, whether it’s successful or not. Studies seem to unanimously say masks are effective, but I haven’t been able to find many that scientifically demonstrates in a lab that the virus concentrations are reduced by XX% with a mask versus without (theres a Boulder Colorado study that does this and concludes it’s minimally effective, but it’s been largely ignored, maybe because it wasn’t peer reviewed or had flawed test methods).

In any case, Newsom can’t lock the state down again, and can’t restrict protests. All that’s left for him to do to show that he’s taking action is to require masks. What’s interesting is that LA county has had the mask mandate since mid-May, and they’re still showing an escalating number of virus cases. Whether it’s from increased testing, community transmission from reopening and/or protests, or lack of mask use (or lack of effectiveness) is not being reported.

In the end, those who were wearing masks all along will continue to wear them, and those that haven’t been will still not wear them. So the order seems a bit superfluous at this point.


Perhaps California can become an autonomous zone, or CAZ.


“Masks are not required while eating or drinking at a restaurant or establishment that serves food or beverages or when receiving a service involving the nose or face. ”

“Additionally, the order exempts jail and prison inmates from the requirement to wear a mask. But, prisons and jails are instructed to create their own guidelines on wearing face coverings for both inmates and staff.”

“Also, individuals who are hearing impaired or have medical conditions, mental health conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask are exempt.”

So what’s the point of imposing this draconian BS on the rest of the free public.

George Garrigues

The point is to prevent you from getting the virus or to keep you from spreading it to others, if you have it already. I am surprised you don’t know this after all this time.

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