Gov. Gavin Newsom orders Californians to wear face masks

June 18, 2020

With coronavirus cases continuing to increase as the state reopens, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order Thursday requiring Californians to wear face coverings in most common and public places, both indoors and outdoors, when six-foot social distancing is not possible.

Under Newsom’s rule, Californians must wear masks or face coverings in any room or enclosed area where individuals, other than those in one’s own household, are unable to physically distance.

Specifically, face coverings are required while waiting for or riding public transportations, taxis or ride-sharing vehicles; when inside or in line at any indoor public space; while inside healthcare facilities; and while inside common areas of buildings, including hallways, stairways, elevators and parking facilities. Likewise, the mask rule applies to when individuals are working anywhere where food is prepared or packaged; at work and interacting with any member of the public; or when working in a space visited by members of the public, even if no one is present at the time.

“Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered,” Newsom said Thursday.

Masks are not required while eating or drinking at a restaurant or establishment that serves food or beverages or when receiving a service involving the nose or face. Likewise, the order does not mandate wearing masks when in engaged in outdoor work or recreation, including swimming, hiking, bicycling or running.

Children under the age of two are exempt from wearing a mask due to risk of suffocation. Also, individuals who are hearing impaired or have medical conditions, mental health conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask are exempt.

Additionally, the order exempts jail and prison inmates from the requirement to wear a mask. But, prisons and jails are instructed to create their own guidelines on wearing face coverings for both inmates and staff.

fat chance

Driving around today in Paso and Cayucos I didn’t see anybody wearing a mask. I guess we know what they think of our pathetic governor.


This place has no sense of humor….


Why has KSBY removed the RECOVERED covid-19 cases at their 5 PM newscast?

By only listing total cases in the county it gives the impression the totals are currently active cases from which nobody has recovered?

Could that be a ploy to show it more severe than it is?


I thought including the total that have contracted COVID rather than the currently active was misleading,


When I go to the store I leave my mask hanging from one ear just to piss them off…..


Odd remark, buy a Trump 2020 mask


Recall Gavin Newsom


I have to go to the DMV to get a new license next week, with these regulations can I take my new picture with a mask on?

Jorge Estrada

Since many Californians vote like they have their head in the sand, a face mask is a breath of fresh air. Just remember to take it off when you eat and drop your drawers when you……..


How many of you people who wear masks are changing them (or washing the cloth ones) every single day? If you aren’t they are worse than useless. They are festering little sacks of disease that you are strapping to your face.


You should assume you have asymptotic Covid anyway Shelworth, and you’re right the infested mask does nothing for you.

But infested as it may be it still traps your droplets from spreading beyond that mask to other people.

The right to spread your disease in not written into the constitution.

Suck it up and put the mask on for your neighbors.


M/M mazin do


So I made mention at the bank a few days ago that if i wore my large bandana and a hat 4 months ago the cops would be there to bust my ass in a heart beat, so If i wear that today can I bring my violin case along also, she didn’t think that would pass muster.