Hundreds in SLO protest George Floyd’s death

June 1, 2020

A crowd in the hundreds protested peacefully in San Luis Obispo on Sunday as violent protests and riots continued in major cities across the United States in the aftermath of the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Protesters gathered at Mitchell Park and marched through downtown SLO, at one point lying down on Marsh Street. Demonstrators carried signs including, “No Justice No Peace. No Racist Police,” which was also one of the crowd’s chants.

The protest attracted a heavy police presence, even though it did not turn violent. The protest had been promoted by the organization R.A.C.E. Matters SLO and individuals, including San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon.

Also on Sunday, a protest in Santa Maria likewise attracted hundreds of demonstrators. Violence later ensued in the area of the Santa Maria protest.

A small fire broke out on a street and there were reports of vandalism. Additionally, Santa Maria police said a person was stabbed on Sunday.

There were also drivers doing donuts in vehicles as crowds in Santa Maria watched.


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You must be referring to the fellow waving his bible in front of the DC church?


Great to see law enforcement kneeling with protesters—Colin Kaepernick was right. Hopefully this is truly a breakthrough moment in American history and the nation can begin to get meaningful LE reform on the books. If Trump really wanted to be reelected he would sit down with government and civil rights leaders and come up with a plan for change. Nah, he won’t do that—he’s too invested in dividing us.

Sorry, Colin Kaepernick was nor t right. We do need a breakthrough but it won’t come from Kaepernick or police officer’s kneeling in the long run. The civil rights leaders of this nation such as Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Maxine Waters, and other’s really wanted to help would be speaking out daily and denouncing the riots and destruction. But nah, they won’t it doesn’t fit their agenda or their hate for certain people. Martin Luther King who was a true leader of civil rights for all, would be sickened by what has happened. None of those are worthy of putting one toe into Mr. Kings shoes. They are the opposite of Mr. King with their movement. We are seeing the results of their divisive speech and the fanning of the flames they have done this time and any other s prior to this. They are race baiter’s and feed on these situations. I wish we could get back to what Mr. King preached which was the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and standing in the strength of God not any man. That’s the breakthrough we need. But nah, that’s foolishness to those who are perishing.

Obama: “Let’s not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it. If we want our criminal justice system, and American society at large, to operate on a higher ethical code, then we have to model that code ourselves.”

Sharpton: “I absolutely condemn any violence. Don’t use George Floyd for anything other than justice for George Floyd.”

Waters: “I am requesting those individuals and groups planning a counter-protest to not be baited into confronting the Oath Keepers [a white supremacist group] with any demonstrations in opposition. Such an occurrence would only exacerbate tensions and increase the potential for conflict.”

You are right about King though. We don’t have any leaders like that anymore.

Still protesting Monday night in SLO. They swarmed onto the 101 shutting it down and are now in a standoff with 50+ officers and a ghetto bird in front of the SLO police station. Did Heidi Harmon include the massive overtime expense in her budget now decimated by lack of tax revenue? But then being mayor of the city was never her primary job anyway.

There is Three Major North and South Freeways of Commerce in California,

Please tell me how shutting down the 101 Today helps sooth the killing of George Floyd?

Protesting is great,

Burning, Looting, Destroying People’s livelihoods isn’t,

Kneeling in Support of the Idea that the Man died in the hands of One bad Cop and three others that should have been able to tap their fellow officer on the shoulder and tell him he was crossing the line is Fine too,

Then they should have arrested everyone who was on the Freeway.

The people who are doing the Burning are anarchists.

Time is past to enforce the rule of Law.

BOS Wth?

Social distancing ” NOT ” protests exempt. Its not right that Mr Floyd was treated badly by the bad apple police and died but the next time a white person or hispanic is treated the same with the same results I expect protests for those people also as everyone no matter what color is still a american and part of the USA

If all lives were equally valued that would be the case. But some lives are value much more than others. It’s those lives that get the attention when taken.

Would it help if the saying was appended to help close the logic gap most seem to take issue with here.

Black Lives Matter…..just as much as everyone else’s.

It is sad that society needs to be reminded of this fact, but it does.

If All Lives (really) Matter (equally) as you insist; there would not be a need for such protests as these incidents would not be occurring.

They had the Constitutional right to a peaceful protest and march. I’m glad to see there was no violence or damage to SLO. Yet. Let’s see what tonight brings. Laying down in the street, meaningless. It takes a little from it as far as I’m concerned. Stay turned. They might take a more brazen, destructive and violent approach with the help of some outside of the area influence as we’ve seen in other parts of our nation.

Lets hope it doesn’t turn stupid like other citys have, but if it does the police here most likely will get away with it, just today they allowed protesters to march on city streets and on HWY 101, traffic was stopped on the highway for this nonesense, I don’t see what good that does, it just pisses people off that have to be places.

It look’s like I was right with my above comment early yesterday afternoon. The so called peaceful protester’s couldn’t handle the right they hand. They went on to abuse it and hurt their cause. The events that unfolded later are not in line with any peaceful protest. They endangered lives, and I know for a fact the they brought fear to a family I know who was caught on the freeway closure. That is unacceptable if you seeking for constructive charge. That is not the goal of the radical fringe that’s now coming out. It might be time to start taking a stance as individuals and start to protect our towns and businesses if this gets more out of hand. Peaceful protest alright, but destruction property and terror of people is not. There is nothing wrong with protecting your family and property. We have that right.

The protests are in violation of public gatherings which are forbidden right now due to Coronavirus lockdowns. Try doing something simple like having a family reunion in a public park right now with 100 people and see how the authorities react. Any and all Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots and protests should be immediately stopped by the authorities as violating current public health restrictions, with all attendees arrested and prosecuted.