Hundreds of protestors march in SLO, business owners board up windows

June 4, 2020

Hundreds of protestors marched through San Luis Obispo on Wednesday afternoon in support of police reform in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

At 2 p.m., protestors met outside SLO City Hall, and then marched south on Higuera Street. At the corner of Broad Street, the protestors blocked traffic for eight-minutes and 46-seconds, the time the officer knelt on Floyd’s neck.

Throughout the march, protestors blocked traffic at major intersections for eight-minutes and 46-second intervals.

The protestors handed out a list of demands, which included requiring officers to wear body cams at all times, banning the use of choke holds, banning rubber bullets and tear gas use on protestors, and agreeing to long-term reform of police policies.

In anticipation the ongoing protests could turn violent, business owners in San Luis Obispo closed their shops early with many boarding up their windows. However, Wednesday’s protest remained peaceful.

In addition, several motorcycle clubs sent members to stop looters and vandals who might try to take advantage of the situation, the bikers said.

Mayor Heidi Harmon marched with the protestors.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, in response to a request from Harmon, the council voted to designate $140,000 in city funds to be spent on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

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As of 8:40pm the Ghetto Bird has left SLO after again flying over my house for hours. More bills for a broke government and a celebration for those cheering the crash of the economy, like Heidi.

Can someone get us a rough estimate on when this is going to end?….tomorrow?…next week?…November 3rd?…..please someone with a badge or a microphone or a pen ask when this will be over….

This is an insurrection. It will not be over until one side or the other is defeated. Trump’s approval rating among likely African-American voters now exceeds 40%. Many more unarmed whites than blacks are killed by police each year and under Trump the number of blacks killed by police is one-quarter of that under Obama (lowest black, and Hispanic, unemployment in history maybe?). The people behind the insurrection are almost 100% white and the blacks are exploited slaves on the white Democratic plantation, except those receiving paychecks from George Soros, et al.

Notify me when the protest to support local businesses is scheduled. After COVID, and having to board up to protect themselves from days of peaceful protests they need our support…or maybe Mayor Harmon is going to propose we set aside $100k or more to be distributed among them in the name of fairness?

Don’t hold your breath. Surprised the SLOPD was not ordered to clear out the bikers to make way for the looters given their direction from Harmon let whatever happens happen so as to advance her causes unrelated to being the mayor. Look for her to try to move up like Dawn Addis as she needs a job that pays more than mayor, having no other work or income.

These protests are not organic. People are bused in and some are even paid.

The biker’s said it–they’re here to help–so it must be true.

Or maybe they’re spoiling for a fight?

You know if you say the words PORK CHOP slow enough–it starts to sound like GULLIUBLE.

Try it.

I never thought I would ever thank a biker gang for keeping the peace…good thing they didn’t take a knee like the SLO city cops did…

The four police officers have been arrested, and charged. What do the “Protesters” think they are accomplishing now? I mean other than pissing the average person off by blocking their freedom of movement. I surprised Harmon didn’t throw a few rocks in solidarity.

Rather than just making the regular folks mad who trying to get to and from work why don’t they do sit ins at city hall, police stations and other government buildings or in front of mayor’s and council member’s homes?

Because you would not pay attention. Is it that hard to follow?

A percentage of those folks getting “mad” stopped at an inter-section may actually take the time to reflect and change their hearts-or consider opening up their mind to other streams of thought.

One might consider as their life is interrupted at a signal for eight minutes how “mad” Mr. Floyd was during his 8 minutes. A mile in another’s shoes moment you could say.

Some may move beyond being mad at this inconvenience and consider the other emotions me Mr Floyd experienced during HIS 8 minutes-his last minutes. FEAR, TERROR, AGONY, HELPLESSNESS, DEEP SORROW, FORGOTTEN and ALONE would be just a few of the words you could choose.

I give ‘average” citizens much more credit than you to empathize, and then change.

Anyone else have any empathetic words to share to describe George’s last 8 minutes?……

Don’t fight four cops while on fentanyl and meth would be a start although the subsequent actions of the officers after he was subdued are inexcusable.

How about if they did none of that, didn’t bus in Antifa, and just let SLO and Paso be in the absence of any racial complaints about the police here? They have a national agenda of insurrection and anarchy, as does SLO Mayor Harmon, more interested in national than local issues. She has been completely silent about misconduct by SLO Police because it did not serve her purpose. Now there is no misconduct but it does serve her purpose.

People protest because incidents like this happen a lot more often when you’re not white, and we’re living in an age where the ones who choose to wear a badge are being caught in the act abusing powers against ones who don’t choose to be black. There has been and will continue to be many years where there is a lack of accountability, even when the general public is able to capture it.