Mission San Luis Obispo removes statue to protect it from protesters

June 23, 2020

Amid a wave of statue toppling across the United States, the Catholic Church removed a Junipero Serra statue from the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa on Monday, a move intended to protect the sculpture. [Tribune]

The Diocese of Monterey, which owns the SLO Mission property, released a statement saying a work crew took down the statue and moved it to a storage room to safeguard it and protect it from vandalism. Junipero Serra statues have already been toppled by protesters in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Protesters argue the Spanish missionary’s legacy includes abuses against Native Americans. The Catholic Church argues otherwise, saying Serra pressed Spanish authorities for better treatment of Native Americans.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon stated in an Instagram post she is grateful the statue was removed.

“So grateful to see this painful reminder removed from our public space,” Harmon wrote. “Thank you to the church for doing the right thing and proactively taking this down.”


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I am assuming Heidi will see to it that the City of SLO removes Mission San Luis Obispo as the centerpiece of the City logo. I would suggest in these lean times that instead of rebranding dozens of City vehicles they could add “Indigenous Peoples Genocide – Regional Headquarters” across the Mission on the existing logos.


Once again, Christians are threatened by the godless mob. This isn’t about racial injustice. It’s about destroying our culture. And where does it end? Why not just remove all vestiges of our imperfect Spanish/Hispanic culture…. starting with all of the cities named for Spanish figures, including our own, from San Diego up to San Francisco? Serra founded our mission, our city… and he’s been granted sainthood. Heidi Harmon has been granted idiocy.


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Next the “Mob of Destruction and Hate”, will come for the cross. A bunch of brainless cowards who partake in such a senseless act.


Up pops Heidi “Look at Me!” Harmon again. Had the City Council supported the proposed sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt in Mitchell Park, she would probably have led the charge to tear it down…


Every time I read “Heidi Harmon” I get a painful reminder. The SLO voters need to proactively take this one down.


Then somebody other than the SLO Progressives needs to be active and vote. And you and Keith need to do this, politically speaking… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KqPCFw-VHQ


I hope they someday erect a statue of Mayor Harmon so I can have the pleasure of taking it down.


That can’t happen in San Luis because Heidi banned statues of people.

I just learned today that her instagram handle is heidiismighty. For me, that says everything anyone could ever need to know about her.


heidiismighty? LOL. Not trying to hide her overinflated sense of self at all!