Hollywood producer accused of sexually assaulting women in Santa Barbara

June 23, 2020

David Guillod

Santa Barbara County authorities are holding a Hollywood producer in jail for allegedly committed numerous sex crimes, including kidnapping and raping drugged or unconscious women.

David Guillod, 53, the executive producer of Hollywood films including “Extraction” and “Atomic Blonde,” is accused of sexually assaulting women over a multi-year period in Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles.

Guillod, a resident of Sherman Oaks, turned himself in Monday morning at the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s headquarters. Detectives then arrested Guillod on an outstanding warrant for 11 sex crimes, and deputies booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail, where he is being held with his bail set at $3 million.

The Hollywood producer is facing charges from incidents involving four different women, three of whom he assaulted in Santa Barbara County. One of the Santa Barbara County incidents allegedly consisted of a kidnap and rape during a business retreat in wine country.

Santa Barbara County detectives’ investigation into Guillod’s alleged sex crimes began in 2017, after actress Jessica Barth, who also produced “Atomic Blonde,” went public with an allegation that Guillod drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2012. Santa Barbara detectives conducted the investigation in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office.

Detectives charged Guillod with kidnap for rape; rape of a person prevented from resisting due to an intoxicating, anesthetic or controlled substance; rape of an unconscious person; sexual penetration of an intoxicated person by a foreign object; oral copulation with a person prevented from resisting due to an intoxicating; anesthetic or controlled substance and oral copulation with an unconscious person. Guillod is charged with multiple counts of several of the charges, include rape of an unconscious person and rape of a person prevented from resisting due to an intoxicating, anesthetic or controlled substance.

Guillod’s professional profile suggests he is a native of Spain, who previously worked as a model.

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His guilt depends on whether he is a democrat or a republican.

If true…authorities should start looking for bodies.



Don’t worry David Guillod your a liberal/democratic and just like Joe Biden you slide.

What sick a individual. He needs to be locked up for a long, long time.