Grover Beach Council Member Barbara Nicolls resigns

June 23, 2020

Councilwoman Barbara Nicolls

Grover Beach Councilwoman Barbara Nicolls announced Monday she is resigning from the council because of health issues.

First elected to the council in 2014, Nicolls won a second term in 2018.

Her resignation will be effective on June 30, at a time other candidates can apply for the seat.

Nicolls resignation coincides with allegations of corruption regarding the city’s distribution of coveted marijuana shop permits. Earlier this year, FBI agents raided Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee’s home, said several Grover Beach city sources, who asked not to be disclosed.

Also at Monday’s city council meeting, Councilwoman Desi Lance announced she would not be running for a second term in November.

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She picked up right where her corrupt husband Bill left off. He was aligned with Ferrara on the ratepayer rip off of the Sanitation District for more years than we care to admit.

I say good riddance!

Now we just have to hope her replacement isn’t worse.

Debbie Peterson resigned because ALL the other council members were corrupt. The FBI just took down huge institutional corruption in the City of LA. Can’t wait for the Grover Beach results. Just as insane as L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar, and a hell of a lot more bribe money per capita than in LA!

Grover Beach here is your opportunity to get citizens that really care about Grover Beach and that are not able to be bought out by special interest groups.Grover Beach has been run for a long time serving a minority group of people and that’s not you. Time for the streets to be resurfaced … Please!

She never should have run for a second term. Her health has been declining for awhile.

She never should have run at all. Her husband touted her role as to further his interests. Indeed she did. Shoals made sure she was appointed to all the same positions at the South Slo County Sanitation District and Five Cities Fire Authority to make sure their corruption was not exposed.