Paso Robles woman sentenced to year in jail for fatal DUI

June 3, 2020

Sarah Hale

A San Luis Obispo judge sentenced a Paso Robles woman on Monday to one year in SLO County Jail for causing a deadly hit-and-run that killed a man who tried to stop her from driving intoxicated. [Tribune]

On the evening of Dec. 28, 2018, then 21-year-old Sarah Hale left the Santa Maria Brewing Company in Paso Robles, where she used to work as a waitress, and got into her car. Along with several other friends, Montes Guillen attempted to stop Hale from driving while intoxicated.

However, Hale drove away knocking Guillen out of her car and onto the pavement. Hale’s blood alcohol level was .17 at the time she was driving.

Officers found Hale at her home and arrested her for driving under the influence causing an injury, driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and felony hit-and-run. Hale posted bail and was released before Guillen succumbed to his injuries. Prosecutors later added a charge of gross vehicular manslaughter.

In February, Hale pleaded no contest to all charges in exchanged for no more than one year in jail and five years probation.

Hale was sentenced to 364 days in jail. Court records indicate Hale is expected to serve about half the length of her sentence.

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NorthCountyLady is right. The sentence is ridiculous and so lenient particularly when compared to the sentence received by a young man who accidentally hit someone with his car a few years ago in Grover Beach. In that case, he (1) was driving the limit, (2) stone cold sober, (3) plagued by poor lighting, and (4) accidentally hit a girl who veered out of the cross-walk.

Sober driver received one year in jail.

Drunk driver received one year in jail.

Justice at work? Think about that when you vote for a judge next time.

This sentence is ridiculous. This man was doing what we have all been educated to do. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” He was being a friend, losses his life. This is a very sad commentary about doing the right thing and doing the absolute wrong thing. So sorry for this man’s family. I hope Ms. Hale spends the rest of her life doing good for the community that will not have goodness of Mr. Guillen.

6 months are you freaking joking me your telling me that guys life was only worth 6 months I betshe doesn’t learn a dam thing !

Female privilege?

Now you are getting it. Institutional Bias at work.

Incarceration rates for; females 133/100k, maleS 678/100k. 1 to 6.

So you are right! Female privilege or bias is at work. Compared to a man she faces a lot less time.

Let’s look at race as it relates to sentencing BIAS.

White males make up 32% of the prison population, and black males represent 37%. Hispanics come in at 22%.

USA Population racial make up; white 60.4%, black 12.4%, Hispanic 16.7%.

Hispanics are incarcerated at a rate slightly more than their overall population.

Whites are under incarcerated at a rate by one half compared to overall population.

Black males are incarcerated at 3 times the rate of their overall population. 3 TIMES.

So if a black guy and a white guy are faced with the similar charges. One out of two times the white guy walks and is not put in jail for it. —White privledge.

While the black guy gets convicted along with his two other friends the cops dig up and all 3 go to jail.

At least that is how the stats would break it down. —Black reality.

We need a better way than jail, to deter crimes like this. People don’t think about consequences when they are driving drunk, obviously. There has to be a better way.

What about a key locker at establishments that serve alcohol?

Six months in jail? Female privilege?