Thousands attend protest in San Luis Obispo

June 5, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian

Thousands participated in a peaceful protest against police violence in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening.

At 5 p.m., more than 3,000 attendees gathered at the SLO County Courthouse. Organizers with the NAACP and Cal Poly Black Faculty and Staff said the primary purpose of the protest is to take action against violence.

Following several speeches, protesters marched through San Luis Obispo.

Photo by Richard Bastian

This is the fourth protest over the death of George Floyd in San Luis Obispo. During one of the previous protests, several attendees threw rocks and water bottles at police officers, who fired teargas at the crowd.

In anticipation of the protest, and over fears of violence, more businesses boarded up windows, many businesses and goverment agencies closed early in the day, cruise night promoters canceled their event, and officers closed some off-ramps from Highway 101.


Why is this still going on? The four police officers are in jail, right now all they’re doing is inconveniencing average people who had nothing to do with the original problem.


I believe it is because Floyd’s death is not, ‘the original problem, ‘ it is just one of several incidents that fall out from social problems that have existed in the US for a long time. It threw fuel onto tensions that already existed.

Had the officers involved in this latest incident not been called to account, it would have made things worse, but unfortunately, the fact that they were doesn’t solve the underlying issue. Even if all of them get convicted on the charges, if nothing further changes then you still have the mindset and framework that made it possible to happen and it will keep happening.


Protest groups have been talking about going into residential neighborhoods .As of 6pm Friday a massive group is in Sacramento mayors neighborhood .No way anybody can leave there home .I’m pretty sure Mayors neighbors now regretting having mayor for a neighbor


I signed up. Have received “George Soros’ articles and essays by [e]mail” but no paid protester options. There are none on the website. Think your Facebook link Soros dude is bogus as are 99% of conspiracy theories. Theories have to be positively proven with verifiable facts and evidence.


This is what you’re looking for:


Your Soros guy is pulling your leg, a joke. The TYT network advertises itself as the ‘Home of the Progressives’, an on line political critique site. TYT used the Soros guy as an example of how people fall for conspiracies. Sorry, you’ve been played.


I was so angry reading Heidi Harmon and other officials were marching in the protest. I didn’t even know how to process this, remembering the lies, shaming, lectures, we all received if we questioned the crazy “keeping everyone safe” policies for the last couple months. Obviously we all now realize it was all about power, control, and photo ops. My mother fell and was injured. Her family and friends could not visit her in the hospital when she had surgery, or during her recovery, to “keep everyone safe”. She was in the care center, we also could not visit, for 3 weeks when she suddenly and unexpectedly died due to a blood clot. Then, her shocked and grieving family and friends could not gather and have a memorial service because of “keeping everyone safe”. We are a law biding family, and we followed what is very obvious to us now nothing but arbitrary rules Heidi Harmon and others burdened us with. I will never forget this utterly dishonest betrayal. She is a hypocrite of the highest order. Queen Heidi can do whatever she wants, but a grieving family needs to tow the line or face fines and arrest. Thanks for letting me vent.


You have every right to vent, sorry for your loss.


You realize if they didnt allow it they’d all look like a bunch of ‘racists’. So instead of getting unliked and losing future votes, they allow it. Covid cases will rise and we’ll all be sitting at home again


That is a truely heartbreaking, devistating story. I’m so sorry for the pain your family must be going through. I can’t even imagine. The collision of Covid and the protests is such a bizarre situation. I don’t know that Harmon is to blame but I totally understand your anger. Man, so sorry Jake.


Sorry for your loss Jake. Hang in there


Nice pictures…good for you….now is that it?….point made now go home and allow justice to play out….


Weddings, graduations and funerals have been postponed.

The fair and countless other events have been cancelled.

Hair salons, restaurants, stores and churches have to implement strict social distancing just to be “allowed” to open their doors and hopefully stay afloat…

Yet 3,000 people can cram together in SLO and Gavin, Penny and Wade have no problem with that.


Protesters, vandals, and looters must be exempt from the corona rules.


Bused in, most not locals.


Robert1, here’s the original video:

Here’s the left wing progressive site:

Jorge Estrada

COVID-19 X 3000 = De-escalation