Two officers and suspect shot in Paso Robles

June 11, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Two law enforcement officers were shot Thursday during a manhunt for a transient man allegedly on a shooting spree, according to the police scanner.

The suspect, 26-year-old Mason James Lira, is down and unresponsive, according to the scanner. One of the officer is in route to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton.

Early Wednesday morning, 26-year-old Mason James Lira allegedly ambushed officers in Paso Robles, shot a deputy in the face, and killed a man. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the manhunt.

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Why did they send cops in? They should have sent in a social worker…

Yes the County SO & Local agencies did a great job getting this guy off the streets…BUT that’s all we are hearing about is a crazy repeat offender that maybe should have been placed in a mental hospital instead of jail, what about the innocent man that was shot execution style at the train station? he was a local man that has a family and history in this county, we need to stop making the gunman so popular and do some stories on the brave men that took bullets and the poor family that lost a loved one that was not hurting anyone…

I sure hope this wasn’t a paid agitator or something bizarre like that. Often, those with mental issues are targeted and used for such things. When I see things like “ambushed officers” it gets me thinking about such things.

He probably was…he paid cash for his energy drink.

From the beginning of this situation the information supplied and scanner information all of the law enforcement officers that were shot , were shot by another officer not by the suspect.At the final standoff after first round of shots fired on the scanner, law enforcement realized they had a crossfire situation and relocated officers then final shots were fired. But now its reported as suspect shot them .The innocent bystander that was shot at railroad tracks was thought to be from law enforcement firing on suspect as suspect was firing at officers while on the run .Why would suspect shoot homeless guy who lost his Paso Robles home for allowing homeless to live at his residence as landlord evicted him for running a homeless shelter. I hope there is an honest account provided in near future as to what actually took place .In a official press release after a full investigation .Suspect had been on a multistate crime spree for a few months and he didn’t do it on his ssi check alone .LEO claiming guns came from a commercial burglary in SLO… Where and when was this burglary ??

I wondered how long it would be before somebody climbed out from under a rock to allege the cops did all the shooting and Lira was just a convenient scapegoat.

Are you willing to concede that Lira was at least responsible for firing some shots or do you think the cops just went on a shooting spree for the hell of it?

The FBI was involved with local LE when three of the four officers were shot and their evidence collection team did much of the crime scene processing. Do you seriously think they would cover up something even remotely close to what you are asserting?

Thank you to the sheriff’s deputies, from SLO, Kern and Kings Counties. Thank you to all the local police officers and CHP officers.

We have an orderly society because we are a nation of laws and because we have men and women who are willing to go into harm’s way to protect us.

I am amazed at anyone who runs towards gunfire, when the rest of us run away from it. What kind of country produces such people?

All the rhetoric that spewed from the protestors over the last few weeks suddenly has a hollow sound to it when contrasted by the bravery our law enforcement officers have shown over the last few days.

Absolutely crazy! Prayers for a speedy recovery to the injured deputies and officers, with much gratitude.

The killing of this suspect was the best outcome possible. Just think of all the tax dollar’s saved for a long and drawn out trial. The money saved can be used to help fund our law enforcement officer’s to be there the next time their needed. Thanks for getting this guy. You are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by this family. Maybe we should march to honor them.

Amid all the uproar and hostility towards law enforcement across the county in response to George Floyd’s death, these deputies and officers in SLO county sent a strong message to the rest of the world: Law enforcement officers are needed so that a civilized society can exist. Without them, there would have been many more victims.


Here’s hoping the officers aren’t seriously injured and will recover soon.

The first deputy shot will have a long road to recovery. But they’ll all be fine. I spoke with one of the officers who was hit by gunfire. He’s in high spirits and is looking forward to getting back to work. Our warriors all did a magnificent job.