20 Santa Barbara County deputies, 3 inmate’s false positive coronavirus tests

July 30, 2020

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has determined that three inmates and 20 deputies who previously tested positive for the coronavirus, did not have the virus.

As part of widespread testing of inmates and deputies during the past two weeks, the county had Quest Diagnostics process the initial samples for 20 deputies and three inmates. After every test came back positive, and none of the subjects had symptoms, the deputies and inmates were retested. None had the virus.

“This apparent lab error changes the ongoing totals that were previously reported, bringing the total number of COVID-19 positive inmates that have been house at the Main Jail to nine,” according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.

Of the nine inmates who tested positive for the virus, six were infected before admission into the jail, and three contracted the coronavirus at the jail.


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Testing means nothing, unless it is timely and the results can be believed. But hopefully people will not interpret this as all this is just a hoax and continue to disregard doing the only things that have shown any positive results – wear face masks, stay away from crowds, and wash hands often.

Whether we like it or not, this country is going to be in this mess for a long time; unlike so many other countries. Why are we so arrogant and refuse to learn from others?

No surprises there! 24 false positives in one set? Just think of this on a grand scale. Inexcusable. And we bring our entire country to it’s knees with this type of “science”.

Oops : /

Don’t you just have to wonder how many others this very same thing has happened to?

Employees have been sent home to self quarantine, missed work, caused their family’s undo stress, etc.

What a mess.


I also have to wonder where this information even came from, because the SB Sheriff’s website is only listing the three inmates, nothing on twenty deputies. Have asked CCN re sources, but no response yet.