Man’s foot found in Templeton, three miles from where he lost it

July 29, 2020

Though it may not be reattached, a man who survived a car crash with two severed legs may now have the opportunity to reunite with his missing foot — a body part that disappeared only to be found found nine days later and three miles away from where the injured person lost it.

On July 17, a man crashed into a guardrail while driving on Highway 101 just north of the Vineyard Drive offramp in Templeton. The man’s vehicle caught on fire, and the crash severed both of his legs.

Authorities recovered one foot at the scene, but could not locate the other.

Then at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, a bicyclist reported finding a human foot on the 2800 block of Santa Rita Road in rural Templeton, approximately three miles away from the scene of the July 17 crash.

With help from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office rapid DNA identification process, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office managed to determine the foot found Sunday belongs to the man who survived the July 17 collision.

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LEO put their best gumshoe detective on the case,

His foot still had a few miles left.

How far did the football go?

Good work detectives on clearing up this case. It boggles the mind that the severed appendage could make it all the way to the foothills.

I mean nearly three miles is hardly a hop, skip and a jump between scenes. Did a coyote with a foot fetish transport it all that way? A group of wild pigs on their way to the market? Detectives may need to consult Dr. Scholl at the university for possible answers.

That was good investigative footwork. These types of stories will keep reporters on their toes, and they were able to ‘walk in’ the conclusion very nicely.

It’s comments like this where readers here seemingly get off on the wrong foot. Obviously officers ankle deep in this investigation knew they had to put their best foot forward.

These comments are just callous.

Bees get what they deserve.