Coronavirus cases escalate in SLO County, another deputy tests positive

July 28, 2020

A fifth San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy tested positive for the coronavirus, as the county sets another record for the number of people hospitalized with the virus.

While in home quarantine, after exposure to a person with the virus, the deputy fell ill and tested positive on July 25. That makes a total of five deputies who have tested positive for the virus: three correctional deputies and two patrol deputies. Of those, one has returned to work.

In addition, four inmates at the jail have tested positive for the coronavirus.

During the past five days, there have been 277 newly confirmed coronavirus cases in San Luis Obispo County. Paso Robles leads with 53 new cases, followed by Atascadero with 30, and Nipomo with 25.

Of the 1,644 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 1,209 individuals have recovered, and nine have died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are 15 people in the hospital — four in intensive care, and 411 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 411
  • San Luis Obispo — 234
  • Nipomo — 230
  • Atascadero — 187
  • Arroyo Grande — 136
  • Grover Beach — 78
  • Templeton — 61
  • San Miguel — 47
  • Oceano — 45
  • Pismo Beach — 43
  • Los Osos — 34
  • Morro Bay — 24
  • Cambria — 20
  • Santa Margarita — 17
  • CMC — 11
  • Cayucos — 10
  • Shandon — 9
  • Avila Beach — 6
  • Other county cases — 41

As of Tuesday evening, there have been 466,825 positive cases, and 8,545 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 4,433,410 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 150,444 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 16,659,005 cases with 656,849 dead.

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That is unfortunate! Were they hospitalized? Are any of these people on respirators? One made it back to work, thank God, but what about the rest? Guess that is not really newsworthy, I suppose.


Yeppers AMAZING! A cure for a virus illness in less than a year, not withstanding, President Iamadoofus and his entourage, say, posse of true believers … yee haw

Positively, the first injection for Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine happened on 7/27/20. Dr. Fauci said that emerging data from this trial should be available in November or December, and stated that despite the speed of the development, “there is no compromise at all with regard to safety or scientific integrity.” Previously, Moderna said it will be able to deliver “approximately 500 million doses per year, and possibly up to 1 billion doses per year” starting in 2021.

That’s the road out of this mess . Up to 1/3 of the American public will refuse this . But , at that point it becomes the personal choice to protect yourself or spin the biological roulette wheel and take your chances. Many more will die after the vaccine is available sadly until folks start understanding that this virus is no joke in the elderly . Children. , on the other hand really are lowest priority to vaccinate because they have almost no complications despite the hype .