Paso Robles City Council eyeing tax increases

July 11, 2020

The Paso Robles City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to prepare to place a 1 percent sales tax increase measure on the Nov. 2020 ballot.

Paso Robles already has a .5 percent city sales tax. Voters approved the prior sales tax measure in 2012, and it is set to expire in 2024.

City officials say a new 1 percent sales tax increase would generate up to $10 million annually. Officials are projecting a revenue loss of more than $5 million each in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, because of the coronavirus, according to a city staff report.

On Thursday, council members voted 5-0 to direct city staff to return to the council at its July 21 meeting with a resolution and analysis for placing a sales tax measure on the November ballot. Council members would then decide whether to formally place the measure on the ballot.

Additionally, the council also voted 5-0 Thursday in favor of staff preparing a 1 percent transient occupancy tax increase measure to place on the Nov. ballot. City staff will present the TOT measure, too, at the July 21 council meeting.

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These sales tax increases that go into the general fund are like crack to an addict.

Vote no.

Here’s a tax question; if the kids don’t go back to school in the fall do we get a big rebate on our property taxes?

Agree with all the comments below. San Luis Obispo and many other cities are in the same fix but no one wants to cut staff, salaries, the nice but unnecessary city programs, etc. No one has the backbone to do this.

Cities are broke! The answer isn’t more taxes, it’s better fiscal management, putting unnecessary things off, cutting expenses via staff layoffs, But this tax will be sold as a way to “preserve essential services such as police and fire,” “tourists will pay most of it,” etc.

Don’t get fooled again.

Just another reason to stay out of Paso. Raising taxes isn’t the answer. Too many higher ups making way too much in salary and benefits

No thanks. I already pay way too much taxes for very little ‘services’.

Good way to reduce the budget, look at last recession low year of 2009 or 2010 and start with those figures.

It’s the cowards way out. Raising taxes in this way just causes everything to increase and ultimately decreases quality of life. Making temporary cuts to offset the temporary closures would be the smart thing to do. Businesses laid off workers due to reduced revenues, employees took months without pay, now is the time the city should cut back, instead they want to increase taxes? Cowards!

No one, no party, no faction, nobody, has a sharp pencil and is willing to be the nasty person laying off and reducing salaries. So what say you to a slate of candidates for public office committed to a 33% salary reduction to administrative and managerial salaries and benes including themselves?

I think you are on to something.

I would make the reduction progressive. Meaning the top management and highest paid staff take the biggest cuts ( all Departments, no exceptions). I think 33 percent may be a little high however. How about 25 percent for all managers, 20 percent for all first line supervisors, and 10 percent for rank and file. Also, I would close government offices ( except police, fire, and maybe utilities) from December 23 through Jan 1. Close them, completely. No office electricity, heat or other uses. Also, those days-off would be “leave without pay” or employees could opt to burn vacation, their choice.

I would try this for 18 months first to see how effective it is and revisit the program.

I think all County and the City of SLO and Morro Bay should do the same.

When things get back to normal re-examine salaries, benefits, retirement contributions etc…

This should be a temporary, emergency measure.

All good ideas but you’re asking government to do things a private company would be doing. Private companies have layoffs when necessary. More in taxes is always their first go to solution because it’s easy. Almost no real thought or work on their part. People in government simply demand more taxes to keep their control and power and retain the status quo. Alter all, without all the “services” government provides how could any citizen survive!? What about critical police and fire? Oh yeah, those in political power have now thrown that argument out the window with “defunding” by immediately bending the mobs demands. They have no conviction on any topic, no backbone, no firm opinions no respect for the oath of office they took. Of course increasing taxes on you is their first reaction.

Yep….Here’s the start of the new taxes and fees we have talked about in last few months .Instead of government trimming the fat , they just tax and fee the public till death do us part

Hey, that will help all the out of work people!