Patience while SLO County prosecutors investigate complaints of rioting

July 24, 2020

Statement by San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow regarding the arrests of Tianna Arata and Elias Bautista

I know that many in our community are very interested in this situation. At this time, I would like to respectfully ask all who are concerned to please be patient and allow us to complete our duty in a fair, thoughtful, and thorough manner. Our obligation is to be objective and to not make charging decisions on the basis of public opinion.

Please know that it is premature for the District Attorney’s Office to make any determination on the case that is currently being investigated by the San Luis Obispo Police Department regarding the facts of the arrests of Ms. Tianna Arata and Mr. Elias Bautista. Once law enforcement agencies have concluded their investigation(s), they will likely refer the case(s) to our office for review.

Only at that time will we be able to conduct our independent evaluation of the evidence and make a factual determination of whether criminal charges should be filed in Court.

It would be inappropriate and counterproductive for this office to provide an opinion at this time based on social media posts or media reports that may or may not be borne out by the evidence (facts) gathered in the pending investigation(s). We will carefully and thoroughly examine all of the evidence submitted before making any final determination.

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Please, Dow, don’t bargain this “dow-n” to disorderly or less. Charge this Angela Davis wanna-be inciter with KIDNAPPING for all the people who lost an hour of their lives on the highway. It’s a legitimate charge; motive, opportunity, means, and execution of confinement of the motorists.

I found the DA’s statement interesting also . Although I personally find the little rebels boring and just attention-getting troubled teens ( see how long these “justice warriors“ last when real life consequences emerge , like finding jobs , etc.), these are hardly real-deal leaders , like MLK, John Lewis , Malcom, etc . Watching these babies twerk , dance , flip off innocent folk eating lunch , parade around like entitled brats and then block the freeway made me understand how undeserving they are to carry the mantle of true racial justice. These are dysfunctional, disturbed punks still rebelling against their parents . The DA needs to be just , but not look the other way for fear of the dysfunctional enablers ( like the goofy Mayor ) causing issues . When will the grownups return ?

John Lewis was 21 when he was arrested, and beaten, leading a march across a bridge. People at the time also found it disruptive.

He was called a few names too. Albeit dysfunctional brats and punks would be mild in comparison. So a few things have improved over time.

It is funny that you feel that you can determine “who is and who is not deserving” of carrying the civil rights mantle forward. Aye-caramba indeed.

Thank you for shedding some perspective, how many hours, billions of dollars and lives lost due to police violence? A drop in the bucket compared to any monies related to protesting as well.

I do not agree with your conclusions or thought processes but I like your style, Mr Yan !

Sorry Mr. Dow, but the patience of the average law-abiding citizen has reached its limit. We have no problem with a peaceful protest on the sidewalks, or parks for gatherings to promote your cause. That’s one of freedoms we have of this once great nation. That freedom ends when you threaten innocent citizen’s, destruction of private property, essential businesses, and threaten the freedom’s of other’s in the name of a “peaceful protest.” The vulgar, hateful, and bigoted speech from these who are becoming more brazen in it, are driving many from even listening to what they have to say.

Then end result of this growing threat has led to thousands in our communities to organize to defend our communities, businesses and families in a safe and non-violent manner. It is a silent but strong organized group that is growing daily. We will always support a civil and respectful discussion of the issues at hand. That does not include those that come to our various city council’s to demand and threaten our local governments through intimidation and potential violence to our communities. We have seen the results in other parts of our nation where the weak political leader’s let, or worse yet encouraged these anarchist and demand that law enforcement stand down. This is a threat to the freedom of all. Mr. Dow, again, the patience is thin for this to take place in our local communities.

But Little SLO wants so bad to be a big-boy City! Awww….

I do not support rioters, I do not support overt words ending in “ommunism” – heck, I even think the arrest was warranted; but it should be dropped once processed. Hell, don’t think this won’t be a badge of honor for a zealotous lefty.

Crimes that occur by individuals participating in mobs are still crimes. Get to it son

Actually that told me something, Dan reads what is here on CCN, your not going to get what the people think on the TT or anywhere else, and they have to look at this case when presented to them with the facts, let us hope the facts present enough of a case to prosecute these two, this crap of these protestors getting away with this behavior needs to stop maybe a fine and some jail time will change their thinking.

Would he be making this statement if the police actions were unassailable? Nope.

Their case is shaky at best, and the city would be well served to drop it before Ilan Funke-Bileu, or another quality council, offers to assist this girl.

Yes, yes it is a shaky case, very. One person cant be responsible for many, otherwise we’d have many rich people in prison, like Trump!

I’m sorry, but must ask. Where again did you each say you received your law degrees from? Yea, I thought so. Let the legal process proceed fairly.

If someone takes charge of organizing a protest, they should at least develop an intelligent thought. There is an entire half year left . Propose a boycott of Facebook, or Twitter, since they are located in the state, and they deserve to lose membership and users . Talk about rampant judicial misconduct , suggest reforms in how judges are elected. Alert the public as to why 20,000 employees are under investigation at DHS, and why many are being paid to stay home . Anything but do not ever go on the freeway .

That was a big nothingburger.