San Luis Obispo County students will not return to school in the fall

July 17, 2020

All schools in San Luis Obispo County will begin the school year remotely, according to new rules Gov. Gavin Newsom laid out on Friday to help squelch the high rates of coronavirus infections.

Schools, including private and charter, located in counties on the state’s coronavirus watch list are not permitted to do in person classes until they have been off the watch list for 14 consecutive days. As of Friday, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties are all on the watch list.

Lucia Mar Unified School District had already made plans to start the school year with distance learning. Unlike last spring, the school schedule will be more closely modeled after a regular school day, according to the district.

Before Newsom’s announcement, San Luis Coastal Unified School District had planned to do a combination of virtual and in the classroom learing.

Earlier this month, the California Teachers Association insisted the state on prolong distance learning. Union leaders argued that teachers should not be asked to teach in unsafe conditions, which are likely to get worse in September.

At the same time, President Donald Trump has increased the pressure on states to get students back in the classroom — even threatening to cut funds to schools that don’t reopen.

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Amazes me how willing to tow the party line some people are, even when what is at risk are our children’s lives. Their families’ health, the success of the community at large.

Our state government was doing a stellar job until they let themselves be influenced by those idiots with their AK47s and such who made demands about opening and now we are worse off than we were before the lock down. I wish there had been the resolve to let those yahoos parade around with their weapons and feel important and then waited just a bit longer before opening. And not opening the damn bars until this is completely gone..

What would have also helped would have been if the small business relief had gone to the actual small businesses instead of Congresspersons’ personal businesses, major corporate chains, Trump’s superpacs, Trump’s cronies and family businesses, lobbyists, the Catholic church (like they need money), the mega churches that support Trump, and several very large corporations, many of which do not pay taxes. Don’t believe me? Do just a little research. It would have been a lot easier to endure the necessary lock down without being ripped off of so much of the aid that was needed for our businesses and local government and services.

But the part about the science of the kids going back to school? That is a bit more of a known entity than you might think. The countries where they have resumed classes have infection rates in their whole country that are lower than SLO county by itself. Think about that. Actually think. Fewer cases in their whole country than we have per day just in this county. That is why it is working for them so far. As for sending them back when the infection rate is not under complete control ( very low infection rates, testing, contact tracing, quarantines, etc.)? Israel is a perfect example of what happens. Their infection rate went ballistic. Sending children to school. caused a 499% increase in the rate of infections. 499%. At this rate, with so many people insisting on being stupid, I’ll never be able to get back to business. 499%. Get a clue.

So, if you think that shutdowns are bad now, please try to imagine what that would look like here and think about someone besides yourselves and your “opinions”, which do not seem to be based on much “science” after all.

Oh yes, and please remember to vote me down for the little slice of reality you didn’t want to hear. Always makes me feel I’m doing something right.

In the not too distant future there will be publications that highlight how limited the current generation is in reading and math. While health concerns are important, the education of our children is paramount especially in light of conflicting medical “experts” pronouncing their prognosis dejour. For sake of keeping our children from becoming illiterate, social backward, and unable to function in polite society reopen schools. Schools can operate on two schedules, morning and afternoon five days a week: half a class can meet in the morning and the other half of the class in the afternoon. Social distancing can be maintained while giving students all the benefits of face-to-face instruction.

There is no proof children are super spreaders, and its very tough for them to get CCP Covid19.

Iceland, Germany, Sweden and others have proved this.

More proof educators don’t follow or understand science.

They are still spreaders says the CDC, regardless. And whom teaches and watches and works around children at schools? Adults. America is not as advanced as the socialist countries you mentioned in regard to contact tracing, PPE, and our social medicine isnt as thorough.

You’re correct there’s no proof of children being super spreaders.

Just plain old spreaders.

You can’t possibly claim they’re entirely immune, can you?

So you’re good with a few dying.

1916+201,000+77,281 are those country’s respective cases. That’s about 280k combined cases. USA? 3,600,0000 cases. Deaths 141k.

Someone’s not paying attention to science. Hint. It is not the educators.

Oh ya, Sweden is doing swell (eye roll)

And 85 kids 2 and under just tested positive in one texas county. But ya, they’re not spreaders

The school district had from March-September to formulate a plan. How is it all these educators can’t manage to do more than distance learning after all these months? Other countries either kept schools open, or reopened in time to finish the school year, and are prepared to start the new year this fall.

Essential businesses have continued to operate, adjusting as new regulations continue to be imposed.

Kids should be in school.