San Luis Obispo protesters smash glass on 4-year-old child

July 22, 2020

Tianna Arata standing on a highway barrier


Participants in a Black Lives Matter protest in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday turned violent smashing a car window onto a four-year-old child and damaging the hood of the car. Protesters repeatedly refused to let people walk or drive where they wanted to go, at times screaming profanities.

Near the end of the protest, San Luis Obispo police officers arrested 20-year-old Tianna Isis Arata, the organizer of the protest, and 22-year-old Elias Bautista.

After the City of San Luis Obispo learned Arata was planning a protest, Police Chief Deanna Cantrell contacted Arata who claimed the event at Mitchell Park would be peaceful, police said. As a result, the city did not have officers blocking entrances to the highway.

Shortly after 5 p.m., approximately 300 protesters marched through the downtown area. The protesters then walked onto Highway 101, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. While on the freeway, protesters smashed the rear window of a car with a 4-year-old child in the back seat. Glass shattered on the boy.

Protesters marched back onto city streets, confronting drivers along the way. Protesters stopped and surrounded a vehicle at Monterey Street and California Boulevard. Protesters also chased several other vehicles as they marched.

The protesters then stopped to watch Arrata toss a partially burnt American flag on the ground and stomp on it.

Tianna Arata, in the center, stomping on a burnt flag

In a video Arrata posted on Instagram, Chief Cantrell texts Arata during the march to tell her about the broken window and that, “Trust goes both ways Tianna.”

“F**K Deanna,” Tianna responded.

Officers arrested Arata shortly after the protest concluded.


Officers booked Arata in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of participation in a riot, unlawful assembly, conspiracy, unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest. The decision to arrest Arata was made in coordination with the District Attorney’s Office, police said.

During the arrest of Arata, Bautista allegedly assaulted a police officer, who suffered minor injuries. Officers booked Bautista in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of attempting to deter an officer from doing his job, and for attempting to take a person from the lawful custody of a peace officer.

The back seat of the car that the 4-year-old child was in

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just the facts

A reminder…this is all part of the Marxist Revolution going on today in our nation! BLM is scamming people! BLM was founded by three Marxists! It’s all about taking down America!


What an IDIOT!!!

Ignorant and Immature, she needs to be convicted. I’m the first to defend peaceful protesting. I think its a powerful way to express your convictions. But the moment it gets destructive, violent, its vile.

Why go there and Demean your cause?

I can No longer HEAR you when you turn to violence!

Jon Tatro

They are not protesters when they assault a 4 year old child, they are a criminal street gang and should be treated as such. They hide behind the “Equal Justice” mantra but these privileged brats don’t want any justice for anybody but themselves.


No one assaulted a child, someone broke a safety glass window.


Yes they did, That IS an assault against a child! The child was underneath that window. Can you imagine the life long trauma that child now has to endure. His feeling safe in the car is forever broken.


“Can you imagine the life long trauma”

” His feeling safe in the car is forever broken.”

This about your imagination not the child you don’t know, mountains.


Bottom line: Heidi Harmon and her ineffective complicit crew on the city council need to go ASAP!

“My Special Place” is looking a lot like Portland.


Why are there so many devilish, racist, entitled white supremacist’s in the photos??

Heavy on the sarcasm……


So the protesters are painting all officers as racists because there are officers who paint all black people as criminals. How ironic!


“Officers who paint all black people as criminals”? Not even the most Jim Crow racist cop in the deep South thought that ALL blacks were criminals. So who are those cops nowadays, and where are they, except in BLM propaganda? Unfortunately, the Left has a tendency to fall in love with and believe their own hyperbole.


As if the police are a problem in SLO County, someone needs wash her mouth out with soap!


When the police chief is leaving her gun in bathrooms and officers are murdering people’s dogs and staying on the force there are issues there.

Uncle Jack

Very pro-police but I agree, those two issue should be owned by Deanna. Video exists of the dog shooting but she won’t release it. Her and Officer Josh Walsh are bad but the rest of the force seems very good. SLO County Sheriff is the best tho. Superb jobs from them.

ban the bakos

“If you’re 20 and not liberal, you don’t have a heart. If you’re 40 and not conservative you don’t have a brain.” There definitely isn’t a brain in sight at these protests, and the only silver lining (hopefully) is that if enough of this BS happens there will be a shift from forced acquiescence from everyone being labeled “racist” for everything to having an actual conversation. This mob mentality is toxic and needs to end. SLO PD, please don’t let these bozos onto the freeway again. No one will cry “brutality!” if you use necessary force to stop it.

kevin rise

Please dont forget much of this was a public response to Parkinsons recent threats and ideologies, which are a threat to our community and our inalienable rights. He was and is walking a thin line and had a military arsenal at his disposal.


A response to Parkinson’s comments? Are you serious? Property destruction and child endangerment by a mob is a legitimate response to Parkinson’s comments? What color is the sky in your world?

Parkinson’s comments about protests were directed at this type of activity. You can peacefully protest, but when you damage property or jeopardize public safety you cross the line between what is protected behavior and what is criminal behavior.

These people crossed that line and when Tianna was contacted by the police Chief and told about the 4- year old covered in glass her response to the mob (which was live-streamed) was “Fuck Chief Cantrell”. No attempt was made to try to cool the mob down, instead Tianna marched with the mob and began hitting cars that had been forced to stop the stick she had her flag mounted to (also live-streamed).

This young lady deserves whatever she gets.


The car actually drove into people with intent to hurt them, they didn’t just walk to a random car. The dents on the hood of the car is from hitting people. The driver committed assault


First of all the mob shouldn’t have been in the street; they didn’t have a permit to march and refused to cooperate with SLOPD so that they could provide motorcycle escorts to stop traffic. Second, Look at the drone footage. None of the vehicles entered the crowd at a high rate of speed. They all stopped for the mob. The guy who dented the hood on the Honda did so while standing on it. After the rear window was smashed the driver, presumably out of fear for his child’s safety began moving forward to get away. The Honda did not speed away, it drove slowly enough that the hoodlum on the hood was able to step off.

None of the drone footage shows motorists driving into crowds. It shows people stopping and then trying to slowly get out and away from the mob.


First of all no permits required to have a march or parade, the city lost a federal lawsuit years ago. Don’t need a permit, insurance or anything.march any time you want.

Last time I checked driving on the shoulder and not yielding to peds is a offence.


Yes a permit is required if you plan to march in the street. The permit lists the route to be taken so that the city can reroute traffic and provide police traffic escorts for the safety of the marchers and motorists.

The Women’s March gets a permit and works with the city every year to ensure a safe event for everyone.

It is an offense to walk in a roadway ( CVC 21956 (a), it is an offense for pedestrians to fail to yield the right of way to vehicles when the pedestrian is outside the crosswalk (CVC 21954 (a), it is illegal to walk down Hwy 101, (CVC 21960).

While drivers have a duty to use caution when passing pedestrians, they have the right of way not the pedestrian, when the pedestrian is outside the crosswalk.


You are confused, the city has always had that ordnance, it did not stand up in court, city spent a bunch of $ and lost..

Sure they want you to have a permit, but they can not prevent you from having a march nor charge you if you do.

It’s unenforceable (requiring a permit), blocking 101 is a different story..


No Kettle, you are confused. You can protest in a park or on public property without a permit (1st Amendment). March on the sidewalk, etc.

You can’t walk down the middle of the street legally unless you submit a permit application with a route plan. The city approves the request and takes the steps necessary to reroute traffic for everyone’s safety.

The city police didn’t enforce the vehicle code provisions previously because of lack of support for it from the city council. In light of Tuesday’s events it appears the city has taken a different stance.


Lol, not confused.

“You can’t walk down the middle of the street legally unless you submit a permit application”

Randomly walking down the street center would likely be a disorderly conduct or something.

Marching for a freedom or for mardi gra is a right given by the forefathers and tested in a LA federal court.

Was any of the arrested charged for not having a permit? No, they would if they could.

Go read the lawsuit


I cited the specific vehicle code sections for you. I can’t speak to how SLOPD handled the mob, but why don’t you and 100 of your closest friends go marching down LOVR, outside the city limits and see how the CHP and Sheriff’s Office deals with you.

When you get released from jail talk to me then about your rights to protest trumping public safety.


Ran out of options and now you want to make it personal. Does that help your case somehow?

Was not at this one but I have marched many many times including marching against the war in Vietnam in 68. Never been arrested for marching. Slo sheriff dept LOL try Chicago PD .


Pretty sure if you can legally protest in the street without a permit because of a Federal lawsuit the ACLU would be aware of it.


The ACLU was party to the lawsuit. As a member of the ACLU (like I am) you would understand those recommendations are best practices for safe and fully legal behavior in a public demonstration and do not represent the cutting edge of the law.

Also: Pretty sure if you can legally protest in the street….. Did you even read what you linked to?

Q:Where may I engage in free speech activity?

A:traditional “public forms” such as streets, sidewalks, parks and public plazas.


“best practices for safe and fully legal behavior in a public demonstration“

Exactly, but that is not what you are after, is it?

Thanks for showing your true colors!


“but that is not what you are after, is it?” “Thanks for showing your true colors!”

So you are just making up things at this point?

And I’m showing true colors? LoL


You will NEVER convince me that a woman with a child would drive in to a mob of people. NEVER. The dents on that car might be from her trying to get out of that crowd in FEAR because people were encircling the car.

If your are not a mother, and your comment tells me you are NOT, you will not understand the overwhelming URGE to protect your children/grandchildren. It is as biological as the urge to breath, have an orgasm, as thirst.


You are exactly right! Even the biggest pacifist will strike back in defense of their family. Bottom line is you can’t jeopardize the safety of someone’s child and expect the parent to sit there and let it happen.


Never? Have you met people?


Are you so sure?? With Intent to hurt them?

The people had ZERO right to be on the freeway! Why would you think being on the freeway putting people in danger would in any way help your cause? YOU lose support when you scare kids, break windows, create havoc for the very same people you are trying to gain sympathy.

I can’t understand this kind of “Protesting” are undermining your own cause!!

I am SURE that person in the car felt in danger. If I felt I was in danger..especially if I had children in the car, I would do whatever I had to to get out of there too! Wouldn’t you?