SLO County supervisor’s Zoom meeting goes boom-boom

August 29, 2020


What happens when a naked man Zoom bombs a meeting held by San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson? The meeting ends early, women claim they were sexually assaulted, and pussy hats are ordered.

During an Aug. 26, Zoom meeting Gibson hosted to discuss issues in Los Osos, a hacker took over an attendee’s tile and switching it to a video of a naked man masturbating while a voice asked ‘grampa not to do that on the TV.’ In the background, Gibson yelled for someone to “turn it off.”

Several female attendees, including Becky McFarland, voiced concerns about the county’s ability to host secure meetings and Gibson’s handling of the Zoom bomber.

“Your apparent ineptitude led to the public humiliation of our group leader Emily Miggins … by a naked, disgusting, pervert, hacking our conversation and playing whack-a-ding-dong, in full view of community leaders and senior citizens,” McFarland wrote in an email to Gibson. “Worse than not knowing how to make the meeting secure, was your lack of apology as a man, to Emily, and members who were called out by name, and basically sexually assaulted online.

“So now all of us who attended your meeting, including the men, are official members of the “Me Too Movement,” McFarland added. “Thanks. I was never into pussy hats, but I went on Amazon to order some for me and my besties in the group.”

Already irritated with Gibson over his handling of homelessness and fire safety issues during the pandemic, several women used the Zoom meeting fiasco to question Gibson’s treatment of women.

“Throughout our community you are known as a man who talks over women and disbelieves what they tell you, what they have heard with their own ears and seen with their own eyes,” McFarland wrote in the email. “We are tired of your bullshit. Forgive my language (I will repent in my prayers tonight, I am sure Jesus will understand).  Come to think of it, the bombers display yesterday is how I think you feel about our town and our concerns. We are tired of being told ‘Bruce only thinks linearly,’ so you have to lay out your case carefully so he understands.”

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Perhaps the bomber was simply offering political commentary on the efficacy of engaging Gibson on issues over which he has little influence or control.

As far as vulgarity, is anyone really outraged when social discourse has sunk to the level of people marching around with “pussy” hats on their heads screaming “orange man bad” or young people screaming “F*ck your white privilege” while they sport a $100 nail job, carry a Luis Vuitton bag and pretend to be Angela Davis.


Were it not for this who would have even known about the meeting? And I have never thought of Gibson’s role in County governance as anything other than what the naked man was doing.


I don’t even want to say which but I need some terms to be defined.


Darn I missed all the fun! Pussy hats? Boy was I disappointed when I looked them up!


Anyone who hosts a Zoom meeting should know how to manage the meeting participants. Among the controls that the host has is to mute audio and/or stop a participant’s video stream. It takes only a couple minutes to learn how to use the controls that a host has. Google it Bruce!


Cui bono? Betcha the malefactor is someone local with an axe to grind, who either pulled this off on his own or found someone to do his dirty work for him.


Another issue with the coronavirus lockdown. 2020, a year that will not easily be forgotten.

I do not blame Bruce Gibson, or the county, though it my be time to try to secure the meetings so this does not happen again. It is getting old, all the blaming of people because of sex or race.


I’m hardly a Bruce Gibson fan, but i think it’s unreasonable to blame Bruce for the hacker, especially when we’ve heard this type of thing happen to others.

And an apology as a man for what that cretin did? If that’s the new standard, I’m gonna need to quit my job to make time for all the apologies that’ll be required.

PS, Becky, my first girlfriend Margie broke my heart in 10th grade, 35 years ago now. I’ll look for your apology as a woman in my inbox this week.


I am no fan of Bruce Gibson. bischbubba you are absolutely right. I am tired of this childish games played by all of them including Becky. Hey Becky I don’t need people like you to hold up my big girl panties! Maybe Becky and Bruce could act like a responsible/respectful adults. No one wants to listen to someone who uses their gender, race or sexual orientation as way to justify their bad behavior or in some cases blackmail people into doing what they want.


This absolutely IS Bruce’s fault. It’s not like some high grade cyber criminal penetrated Bruce’s meeting. Bruce obviously did not configure the Zoom meeting properly to keep unauthorized people out. It’s not that hard. This is Zoom basics 101. Any teacher holding classes over zoom has figured this out, so why can’t Bruce?


In for a penny, in for a “pound.” Who “nude” this would ever happen? It’s a story that can’t be “beat!” If Bruce planned this, it was a “stroke” of genius, but a little out of “whack.” Some “hard” days ahead for the supervisor. This’ll drive him “nuts.”


He’s here all week, Folks! Don’t forget to try the veal!


“There are eight million stories in the naked city, this has been one of them.”