SLO protesters demand prosecutors drop charges against BLM leader

August 6, 2020


Black Lives Matter protesters marched through downtown San Luis Obispo Wednesday evening, defending absent protest leader Tianna Arata, whom SLO police officers arrested last month, and demanding that charges against her be dropped.

While marching through downtown and beside restaurants and businesses, protesters chanted, “Hey you, Dan Dow. Drop the charges right now.” Demonstrators also chanted, “Drop all charges.”

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow has yet to announce a decision on whether or not to file charges against Arata. However, the SLO Police Department recommended the DA’s office file five felony and three misdemeanor charges against Arata.

Demonstrators defended Arata, saying she is a courageous black woman whom police targeted for being a protest leader.

Wednesday’s protest began and ended at Emerson Park on Nipomo Street. Protesters marched from the park to the downtown core, making multiple loops and stopping in the street for speeches prior to returning to the park, where more speeches were given.

Early in the demonstration, protesters stopped outside the San Luis Obispo Mission and Giuseppe’s Italian restaurant, occupying the intersection of Monterey and Chorro streets. Protesters have recently targeted Giuseppe’s over a contribution the restaurant made to SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s 2018 reelection campaign.

Protesters also marched and chanted by people dining outdoors on other downtown streets.

While at Emerson Park toward the end of the protest, one protester instructed other demonstrators to take out their phones and post photos underneath an allegedly misleading California Highway Patrol Facebook post.

The CHP announced Wednesday that Highway 101 on and off-ramps would be closed between California Boulevard and Marsh Street because of the protest. In the post, the CHP included a photo of a prior demonstration, prompting protesters to leave dozens or possibly hundreds of comments accusing the CHP of misrepresenting Wednesday’s demonstration.

Additionally, while speeches were being delivered at Emerson Park, one protester called for boycotting San Luis Obispo businesses that do not support Black Lives Matter, even suggesting, “We need to shut them down.” CalCoastNews will soon report more on attempts by some Black Lives Matter protesters to harm local businesses that do not show support for the demonstrations.

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Protesting is the people rights.we are not in China,Soviet union or north corea.

Sure they are some limits but who are the people to decide the limits?

Dan Dow decisions are tainted by his Trumpist allegiance.i do not want him to represent our county.

DAN DOW is partly responsible for adam hill suicide.Dan Dow was behind the negative political adds that push adam hill over the edge.

If they was any damage caused by the protest tell us and i am ready to pay my share as a defender of the americain constitution

Their chant “hey hey ho ho Dan Dow has got to go” is no a personal threat but a call for replacement in office.

What I want to know is why are these rioters allowed to bother people as they are dining at the outdoor establishments, I’m not sure how i would take that if these jerks were shouting obscenities and such while i was trying to enjoy my dinner.

This protesting, HaHa, if thats what you want to call it has gone on long enough its time to end it, they need a city permit to do this, said permit needs to state more and better guidelines than it does, such as no street walking,no hwy blocking, single file on side walks and obey all traffic signals, failure to obey will result in arrest, next stop is to regulate them to Cal Poly’s football field or Cuesta’s track field,they can insult them selves at those areas, leave the rest of us alone.

There is no riot, or persons shouting obscenities, THIS time. Thank you CCN and Josh for a full length video.

Protests are positive reactions of peoples. We are reacting to injustice.My grand father, dad and uncle fought for what they believed was freedom .freedom of speech is the first right to disappear in watch out what you wish or may be you voted for trump.When you write “leave the rest alone” you should realize that you are , Mr myself, a minority in America.

How many Cal Poly teachers were there, encouraging this?

Wondering who put up the money for all their supplies? Georgi?

Real-life actions have real-life consequences … you DO the crime , you do the time . They thought they could parade , dance , twerk , curse , desecrate our flag , shout obscenities at innocent diners and bystanders , endanger people on roadways , break windows and extort businesses to support their twisted causes ? Sorry BLM , if that’s who you have on your side , I want no part of that . Lock ‘em up until they grow up .

BLM is why I’m no longer watching the NBA

Sooner or later mommy and daddy are gonna get tired of supporting all these privileged white kids.

Well, i am one off these moms and i am proud off these kids.

I’m sorry, but what is courageous about leading a bunch of “want to be anarchist” who continue to destroy any kind of draw to their cause? It’s complete insanity. If your going to promote yourself as a leader of a destructive, violent, hate filled group that blatantly breaks multiple laws, then you must be held accountable. That’s the problem with these “want to be’s”, they don’t know what personal accountability or personal responsibility really means. Ms. Arata needs to be put on trial for her law breaking and destructive failed movement. She must plead her case before the court for the crime’s she’s responsible for. Face the music Ms. Arata. Let the legal process go forward.

looks like you did not read the constitution.Do you want me to mail you a copy/

On that’s right, they don’t have to obey the law like the rest of us… And now that it’s hitting the fan they ‘demand’ charges be dropped? Really? Sounds like my 3 yr old…. How bout we demand you pick up your trash and go away? Minot North Dakota? They all knew going in certain behavior might get someone arrested…so accept it like the badge of honor it is. Unfavorable tone I know but doesnt anybody get tired of their disingenuous nonsense? If I’m eating dinner or have a busines, how would they know if I supported BLM or not? As always there’s way more to this…