SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill dead, suspected suicide

August 6, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill

Clarification: Sources are now saying while it appears Supervisor Adam Hill killed himself, he did not use a gun.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was found dead in his home Thursday afternoon.

At about 4 p.m., emergency responders arrived at Hill’s Pismo Beach home to find him dead, a suspected suicide.

In March, Hill attempted suicide, just hours after FBI agents raided his office at the County Government Center and his home.

Hill checked into a residential mental health facility in July. He returned to work on Monday.

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I’ll reserve my pity for the people he bullied.

I think the FBI has a lot. And Rita Neal’s massive pay increase while the County has a massive deficit says a lot as well. Hopefully there are two non-corrupt supervisors to put a stop to it. And now we know why she wants a County department head to fill in in case of “emergency”, the emergency being the need for her massive pay raise. No local employee should be paid more than their state and federal counterparts who administer operations hundreds of times as large. This is pure corruption.

When the Feds start looking through your laundry it’s not your imagination. They are out to get you.

Hill checked into a mental health facility last month. He checked out of the place on Wednesday of last week. He died by suicide the next day. That’s not a great look for whatever place was theoretically taking care of him.

I hope the supporters of Hill who voted in the last election will reflect on their vote. Their winning prize was an egomanical mentally ill person of long standing. These traits were well known and should have tempered their enthusiasm. Sadly, it did not.

Had his opponent been elected, (a) the county would have had a sane and productive representative; and (b) AH might still be alive.

Final question: If the FBI does indeed find some malfeasance on the part of AH, will his supporters still be steadfast in their belief that he was the best candidate?

So, if you voted for AH, please register your name here to publicly endorse your vote.

Hey JohnnyBoy, your supervisor may well be Heidi Harman. Her only income is $25,000 from the City of SLO plus full bennies, plus whatever extortion cut she gets from BLM threatening local businesses. Don’t think she’s not lobbying for the 6 figure BOS job, as is Dawn Legg. A lot of money to be a paid activist.

Is Dee Torres related to past and current Director of HR at CAPSLO Ron Torres ?? Is Dee Torres going to be held respobsible for Adams transgressions since they were married possibly on false tax returns as the bribes I would say weren’t reported as income

You may never know. That’s the corrupt beauty of non-governmental organizations such as CAPSLO, Transitions Mental Health Association, and the Family Care Network. They are 100% taxpayer-funded but completely shielded from pubic records disclosure as they are “non-profit corporations”. This fraud is endemic. These shysters line up and politically maneuver to gain access to almost unlimited funding.

Be careful on how you write? You never want to be accused of being anti-systemic.