SLO protesters target Giuseppe’s restaurant over political donation

August 3, 2020


Black Lives Matter protesters gathered and chanted outside downtown San Luis Obispo restaurants where people were dining outdoors on Friday, specifically targeting Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant over its past support of Sheriff Ian Parkinson.

“Hey hey, ho ho. Ian Parkinson’s got to go,” protesters chanted while lined up on Monterey Street across from Giuseppe’s, as well as Finney’s restaurant and other downtown businesses. Other chants included “black lives matter” and “out of the shops and into the streets.”

Protesters made use of at least one bullhorn while standing in a line on the sidewalk and chanting. The protesters could be heard loudly from where people were eating and drinking in the new coronavirus-driven outdoor dining setup on Monterey Street.

Outdoor dining on Monterey Street with protesters lined up on the sidewalk in the background

Local Black Lives Matter activists have taken aim at Parkinson over recent comments he has made, including a statement that he does not believe systemic racism exists in SLO County. In March 2018, while running for reelection, Parkinson received a $3,384 campaign contribution from Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant.

Support for the protesters is waning, as people question their lack of support for the civil rights of others. Protest organizers have accused business owners who boarded up their businesses or who have supported those with differing views of being racists.

A regular supporter of peaceful protests, KVEC radio host Dave Congalton questioned the protesters’ rationale for targeting a business because the owner donated to Parkinson two years before the sheriff’s alleged contentious comment.

“100 to 150 protestors lined up this afternoon across from Giuseppe’s, singling out my favorite downtown restaurant because Joe donated to Sheriff Parkinson’s campaign, Congalton posted on Facebook. “Note to protestors: Joe DiFronzo has done more for this community in the last 30 years than all of you combined. You get to protest. He gets to donate to campaigns. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression come in many forms!”

Previously, protesters marched by people dining outdoors on Monterey Street during the July 21 protest that culminated with two arrests. Led by Tianna Arata, who was one of the individuals arrested, protesters chanted “f**k your comfort” while marching next to and through the outdoor dining area where people were seated.

Protesters marching through the outdoor dining area on July 21 while chanting “f88k your comfort”

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I am not able to go down town and dine. I will be calling Giuseppe’s today, for a gift certificate.

Let’s all dine at Giuseppi’s!

I don’t like that Giuseppi’s is taking up a whole lane of Monterey Street. That’s greedy and unfair. That said, I will be stopping there for lunch later this week.

This is a very dangerous organization. They are protesting other citizens to keep them from exercising their freedom of speech because they do not agree with it.

You have to admit that it’s fascinating to watch more and more people finally realize that BLM is not the NAACP or the ACLU. Rather, it’s a dastardly movement to change the US from a free-market republic, to a socialist cesspool.

Let’s all hope that enough voters understand this truth before the election in November.

It’s also fascinating to see/experience more and more “regular Americans” rejecting the “you are a racist!” judgements from BLM operatives – people who are actually terribly racist themselves.

This behavior shows the hypocrisy of the far left. A year ago we were told about how bullying could destroy someone’s life and how we all needed to be on guard for bullying and ensure that safe spaces were established at schools, public buildings and in the workplace.

Now the left uses bullying tactics against individuals who disagree with them and guess what? Nobody is talking about bullying or safe spaces or any of that stuff anymore.

How could they talk about bullying and not look like a bigger bunch of clowns than they already do.

If you support free speech then support Giuseppes.

Don’t let the left in this country bully people into political silence; that’s what they do in Marxist countries.

Are they racist against Italians?

This is why my kid will not to go to Poly. I’m a Poly grad and not really proud of it anymore. These kids have been brainwashed. Heidi H . and her band need to leave town!

Lastly, I will see you at Giuseppe’s this Friday 5pm . Lets pack the dam house! Support Joe!

If we want our town back we need to put our words into action I challenge you to bring 1 person with you on Friday to Giuseppes We need to rally. It’s our time ! Protest with a glass of wine and bond with one another !

Poly is still a GREAT school. Much depends on what a student majors. There are far fewer Animal Science/Accounting/Mechanical Engineering major marching, then there are students majoring in: Comparative Ethnic Studies, Journalism or Psychology.

Then again if a student hits college with a formation so weak that it allows them to be misled by their instructors/advisors, then that’s really on their parents.

Cal Poly still has one of the most conservative universities in California. These protesters aren’t an accurate representation of the student body as a whole.

Don’t be the kind of awful person who ruins your kid’s future because of your partisan political views. Raise your kid to be a free thinker who seeks the truth. Don’t indoctrinate them with partisan political views from either side. Teach them to approach every issue with a critical mind that questions everything. Encourage them and support them to get the very best education they can, whether it’s at Poly or anywhere else.

If you shelter your kids and try to shield them from political views you don’t agree with your kid is going to struggle in this world I guarantee it.

Who say i’m partisan? I voted for Obama does this make me a horrible person? Pound sand.

Not so much a “horrible” person. Perhaps “naive” would be a more accurate adjective?

Pb made some good points.

I’m just fired up and sick of this BS.

Agreed and agreed.

You’re not alone!

Always a big supporter of public education, I’d be sending my kids to private schools now. I’d also be willing to pay out of state tuition for college, something I didn’t consider when our kids went to Cal Poly.

Do it, you are rich enough

nope, hopeful and generous.

I will be boycotting all BLM supporting businesses. These protesters are sour grape crybabies.

Get woke go broke.

That was my question. Is there any way of compiling a County wide list of businesses that publicly support BLM? What about looking for literature hanging or displayed on or inside a building? Any chance BLM must disclose who gave them money?

Open to suggestions…

The only way to curb these rioters is to take a strong stand against their disruptive and illegal activities. They need to be held to account. They must have a legal gathering permit with the proper insurance naming the City and County as ‘additional insured”. The first “protester” to step off the curb and onto the streets or highway, needs to be immediately arrested and jailed. Rioters yell vulgarities and threaten others; protesters carry a sign and march in a mannerly fashion. The rioters think their rights have been compromised, but what they are doing is denying the rights of others to peacefully have a meal, drive to work, or shop.These rioters are causing physical harm through intimidation as in the case of the child showered in glass and the woman in labor who was denied passage on a public highway . Now they are depriving legal businesses the ability to conduct business by creating a hostile environment. Wake up people, start enforcing the law against these mobs of bored, privileged ____fill in the blank___ rioters!

see you november 3,i will have klenex for you.