SLO protesters target Giuseppe’s restaurant over political donation

August 3, 2020


Black Lives Matter protesters gathered and chanted outside downtown San Luis Obispo restaurants where people were dining outdoors on Friday, specifically targeting Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant over its past support of Sheriff Ian Parkinson.

“Hey hey, ho ho. Ian Parkinson’s got to go,” protesters chanted while lined up on Monterey Street across from Giuseppe’s, as well as Finney’s restaurant and other downtown businesses. Other chants included “black lives matter” and “out of the shops and into the streets.”

Protesters made use of at least one bullhorn while standing in a line on the sidewalk and chanting. The protesters could be heard loudly from where people were eating and drinking in the new coronavirus-driven outdoor dining setup on Monterey Street.

Outdoor dining on Monterey Street with protesters lined up on the sidewalk in the background

Local Black Lives Matter activists have taken aim at Parkinson over recent comments he has made, including a statement that he does not believe systemic racism exists in SLO County. In March 2018, while running for reelection, Parkinson received a $3,384 campaign contribution from Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant.

Support for the protesters is waning, as people question their lack of support for the civil rights of others. Protest organizers have accused business owners who boarded up their businesses or who have supported those with differing views of being racists.

A regular supporter of peaceful protests, KVEC radio host Dave Congalton questioned the protesters’ rationale for targeting a business because the owner donated to Parkinson two years before the sheriff’s alleged contentious comment.

“100 to 150 protestors lined up this afternoon across from Giuseppe’s, singling out my favorite downtown restaurant because Joe donated to Sheriff Parkinson’s campaign, Congalton posted on Facebook. “Note to protestors: Joe DiFronzo has done more for this community in the last 30 years than all of you combined. You get to protest. He gets to donate to campaigns. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression come in many forms!”

Previously, protesters marched by people dining outdoors on Monterey Street during the July 21 protest that culminated with two arrests. Led by Tianna Arata, who was one of the individuals arrested, protesters chanted “f**k your comfort” while marching next to and through the outdoor dining area where people were seated.

Protesters marching through the outdoor dining area on July 21 while chanting “f88k your comfort”

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These protesters are bullies. If you do not agree with everything they say, they dub you a racist. If you do not stand by their political agenda, they dub you a racist. If you support someone they do not like, they try to impact your ability to make a living.

The local BLM group was promoted by Race Matters SLO and SLO Democrats for socialism, both groups led by Mayor Heidi Harmon’s campaign manager and close friend Quinn Brady. How can they say they are promoting civil rights, when they stomp on the civil rights of the media to cover events, the public’s right to be at a public event, and the right of citizens to support the political candidate of their choice.

We need to work together to support all of our neighbors during the pandemic.

How about a protest at the mayor’s trailer park.

I can’t see how their actions are going to accomplish anything but alienate people who would otherwise support their cause. Ironically, these protesters are proving to be their own worst enemies.

These particular protesters really seem to be narrow minded hypocrites. The people they are shouting at can justifiably shout right back at them to “f*** their comfort” as well because I’m sure these protesters partake everyday in the comforts that or culture provides for them.

These spoiled ignorant little thugs have no idea what it’s like to live in poverty. The majority of them are not even local residents.

This was a very irritating story to read while listing to the behavior of inconsiderate young adults harassing customers thence the business owner. This was pure misplaced anger and ignorance. Sadly the consequence will certainly not discriminate against ignorance, all will be equally punished. This is the path they choose and I will certainly frequent Giuseppe’s, a great establishment that is a product of hard work, good food and great service to everyone.

And those protesters don’t even realize, they have become the Trump reelection campaign, turning independents back to Trump.

Former Democrat now turned Republican!

Is business and customer harassment a valid purpose to not be considered loitering? Sue the organizers each one individually for harassment (I know, you can’t get blood from a turnip). Ticket the rest for disturbing the peace and interference with commerce. Karma may take awhile to go full circle for these tourism killing turnips. Since the mayor activist is turnip too, just where is the major when it’s time to protect the businesses that generate income for the local government? Or is this the only way SLO can annoy and displace some homeless panhandlers that disturb the tourists also?

Heidi helping businesses? Remember Heidi hates capitalism.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Black Lives Matter is out of control. I support lowercase blm, but not upper case any more.

We will discuss this today (Monday) at 3:05 on KVEC 920 AM and

Good, I’ll be listening .

If the entire downtown associations don’t come out today and denounce this and tell the community if they do not get protection to run their businesses as guaranteed under the constitution and they are from today forward withholding taxes and going to move out and demolish the building behind them then we are doomed.Enough is enough already. They are protesting I guess because they feel that systemic discrimination has kept them fully participating in the economic, political and social activities of the country yet they deny those rights to others. That’s why I question what their real motivation and goals are.

That’s easy….its to promote hate and divide the good people of this country. We will not allow them to divide us. Middle class America is the heart of our country. We are the ones who will always fight to protect our freedoms. Sadly it will take many years and a lot of soul searching before these thugs recognize the error of their ways.

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