California extends eviction moratorium until 2021

September 1, 2020

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law on Monday an extension of the state’s eviction moratorium, which will allow many renters to not pay rent and still stay in their homes until early 2021.

Under AB 3088, no tenant can be evicted before Feb. 1, 2021 for failure to pay rent due to a coronavirus related hardship accrued between March 4 and Aug. 31. For coronavirus related hardships accrued between Sept. 1 and Jan. 31, 2021, tenants must pay at least 25 percent of rent to avoid eviction.

Tenants remain responsible for paying the total amount of rent owed to landlords, but unpaid rent cannot currently serve as the basis for eviction. Landlords may begin to recover the debts on March 1, 2021.

AB 3088 also extends anti-foreclosure protections for small landlords.

“Renters need protection from evictions when they can’t pay rent due to COVD-19,” Newsom stated in a tweet. “Property owners need help to avoid foreclosure. AB 3088 will do both — but is a temporary solution to a more permanent problem. The federal government must step up and help.”

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The Commies are knocking at the door. 90% of the housing for the Public is provided by the Private sector. Landlords still pay 100% of the operating expenses but now only receive 25% of the income, how does that work? Looks like we will see a lot of rental housing coming on the market for sale, who wants to run a business at a 75% loss.

The Post Office, The Public sector pension system – CALPERS, MediCal, easy to do when you can squeeze any money you need out of the taxpayers, middle class ones that is.

Yeah, free roads and bridges to use as needed, free 911 emergency services, free K-12 public education, free military to protect US sovereignty and interests such as “life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.”

Nice stuff cost money

I guess we will see a lot of rental property being sold….less rentals available brought to you by……

None of this government interference in how a person or company runs their business is good ,the government can’t even run their own business in a prudent way.

I had a commercial landlord who tried to run my business LOL ,him and his siblings only had jobs and homes because their relatives held their hand and supplied them jobs …no business would ever hire them and none of them could ever run their own business .

The stay of evictions only serves the government of California from dolling out millions in housing vouchers etc etc .It makes California business owners create free homeless shelters in their own rental businesses .

Man California just won’t give up on running businesses out of California ,and make California a state that produces nothing .Turning off water supplies to human food producing farms is just one step .

Hey Gavin!

How about we only pay 25% of our property taxes?

How about we only pay 25% of all state fees?

How about we suspend smog testing? No one is driving much during lock down.

How about we lay off 25% of State employees, including 25% of upper management.

How about reducing pensions and benefits by 25%?

How about reducing income taxes by 25% In fact ALL taxes.

Oh, wait. What’s that you say? You want yours, while you don’t care about others getting theirs?

Just a subtle form of wealth redistribution to subsidize the progressives’ base.

All this will do is force landlords to sell their property….the sales market is a sellers market….what is wrong with our leadership in CA?….can’t they think past their nose?…

My Mother in Law has four rentals, she depends on them for her income. Only one is paying in full, two aren’t paying anything and one is paying about 20%. Yet she has to pay all her bills, including upkeep of the units, taxes, electricity, water, gas, trash pickup, etc. I doubt she can go until March 2021, even if she did, it’s not like her renters will suddenly have thousands of dollars to give her.

Clearly an unconstitutional law.

Why not reduce car payments?

Tax payments?

McDonalds payment?

Glad to see you care about peoples suffering and hardship and provide some kind of guidance. Goos advice….

“a temporary solution to a more permanent problem”

Newsom is correct, kicking the can down the road is not a solution. The federal government will have to produce funds at some point. Currently, the U.S. debt is at about 110% of GDP. I see no reason why it can’t grow to 150%.

Japan, though not the ideal example, has been running at about 200% of GDP for the last 20 years and their economy is still viable. Pushing the debt could also pay for badly needed infrastructure. I firmly believe that an influx of money into highways, airports, healthcare, green energy, broadband, schools, vocational training and more will lift America.

I find it ludicrous when the Mark Meadows of the world say we can’t bust the budget when the Fed has already spent $3 trillion on bolstering the equity market. I mean, those of you who are invested in NASDAQ must have seen significant gains and good for you.

Bottom line, the money is there, it just depends on where we want to put it. Either it’s into the American people or into dividends for the ultra rich. The former solution will build America. The latter will lead to the type of chaos which is currently gripping this nation and will probably lead to civil war.

But the rich worked for their money; by extorting poor labor class, ie, 99% of earth’s inhabitants. Tax the rich, put some military spending into social welfare. Done and done. And to respond to Speak Truth, many many companies have either reduced, made payment plans, or waived utilities, car insurance etc etc, for humanity and empathy sake. Sorry if people needing help bothers you, I lend a hand vs taking one, where I can. Boy, Nationalist Capitalists and their blind greed. Theres a place for souls whom greed and hoard while others suffer.