SLO City Council selects diversity task force members

September 2, 2020

Protest Organizer Tianna Arata, Mayor Heidi Harmon, Cal Poly quarterback Jalen Hamler, and Cal Poly wide receiver Xavier Moore

The San Luis Obispo City Council on Tuesday appointed 13 people to serve as members of the City’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

In response to protests over the death of George Floyd, the City Council appropriated $160,000 towards racial equality. The City Council then agreed to create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force as part of a wider effort to help make the city “an inclusive and safe community for everyone, and to promote belonging, free thought and speech, while condemning racism, hate speech, bigotry, violence, and prejudice.”

More than 90 community members applied to serve on the task force. The Task Force includes nine San Luis Obispo residents and four people from the surrounding communities.

Task Force appointees

Amman Fasil Asfaw: Leader Black Student Life, Cal Poly

Dusty Colyer-Worth: SLO Chamber of Commerce, GALA member

Erica A. Stewart: SLO City Council representative

Jenell Navarro: Chair of Ethnic Studies, Cal Poly

Katherine Soule: GALA Board of Directors

Michael Boyer: Founder Diversity Coalition of SLO County

M’Lynn Martin: Black youth leader, youth minister

Matthew Melendrez: Lenses DE&I Institute

Maxine Kozler Koven: Director of LDR Ventures

Oscar Velasco-Vargas: Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success

Noha Kolkailah: Teacher SLO High School

Renoda Campbell: HRC representative

Vanessa Parsons: Teacher and Equity Team Member

The initial Task Force will be in place through Jan. 2021. The specific charter of the Task Force is as follows:

  • Focus on activities that support marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural groups.
  • Collect information and insight about advancing DE&I in San Luis Obispo.
  • Develop a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) to support the DE&I work of proven organizations and best practices for change.
  • Provide guidance and a foundation for creating a potential 2021-23 DE&I-focused Major City Goal.
  • Strengthen the focus and role of the City’s Human Relations Commission (HRC) to support the City’s vision.

“The work of the Task Force will complement our continued efforts in San Luis Obispo to create and sustain an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, prioritizes equity and fairness, and helps our community move forward,” said City Manager Derek Johnson. “I am confident these community members will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to move San Luis Obispo to a place where everyone feels they can be their whole identity and have a true sense of belonging.”

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Diversity task force?….is being white diverse and inclusive?….or is it just for some people that have the right shade to their skin?….sanctioning racism is wrong no matter who does it to whom…..

Can’t wait to hear about those ethnicities the are so marginalized. I am first generation Polack. I have been listening to pollack jokes my whole life. I hope they can protect me.

So Mayor Harmon, do you now feel better? What a crock of sh.. Just what is needed, a bunch of intolerant self- righteous people, blinded by their own ideology and bigotry, telling us what we need to think. Yea, that’s going to fix everything. God help us.

Just what we need, another government task force. There must be a cheaper way to pander to the crowd. I see that part of their mission will be to support free speech, while condemning “hate speech” – so, they evidently have no idea what free speech is. Apparently, SLO will be a safe & inclusive place for those who agree with them. All I can conclude from that paragraph of platitudes is that the one diversity that will be neglected is diversity of thought.

This is just the beginning. Note that the Task Force will then develop a Notice of Funding and give money to these groups that meet the Mayor’s goals. What a waste of taxpayer money when we are head over heels in debt to the state, sidewalks are crumbling from lack of repair, we can’t dredge Laguna Lake, etc. Vote Harmon out and the vermin with her!

Do they also include successful middle age white men who have never received one cent in government handouts?