SLO police seek to charge motorcyclist, cite BLM protesters

September 16, 2020


The San Luis Obispo Police Department announced Monday it is recommending prosecutors charge motorcyclist David Medzyk with a misdemeanor count of reckless driving after he struck a BLM protester in a crosswalk. The city also cited two protesters for obstructing traffic.

On Sept. 2, motorcyclist David Medzyk turned left from Los Osos Street into a lane on Higuera Street where protesters Josephine Amarachi and Artemisia Shine were standing outside the crosswalk and blocking traffic.

After he drove past Amarachi and Shine, Medzyk struck protester LeiYahna Jefferson, who was yelling in a bull horn at drivers from the crosswalk. Jefferson was not seriously injured.

“Following the incident, Mr. Medzyk drove to SLOPD and filed a report claiming those in the crosswalk attempted to knock his motorcycle down,” according to police. “SLOPD reviewed videos of the incident taken by bystanders and concluded that the videos and other evidence do not depict any physical interaction between the pedestrians and the motorcycle, other than when Mr. Medzyk’s motorcycle hit Ms. Jefferson as Mr. Medzyck accelerated around the corner and through the crosswalk.”

Reckless driving is defined as driving a vehicle with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others. The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney will review the officers’ investigation to determine what, if any, charges will be filed against Medzyck.

The California Vehicle Code requires pedestrians outside a crosswalk to yield the right‐of‐way to vehicles so close as to constitute an immediate hazard. Amarachi and Shine’s citations may require court appearances and fines.

“Motorists have a duty to use due care for the safety of pedestrians while operating their vehicles and it is a crime to fail to do so,” according to Capt. Jeff Smith. “It is also dangerous and a violation of the Vehicle Code to stand or walk in uncontrolled vehicle travel lanes. It is imperative that both motorists and protestors be extremely careful and follow the laws meant to protect pedestrian and driver safety.”

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watch the video people… the white trash on the bike was using it as a weapon. hell he bounced off the curb

Looks like he wasn’t going to contact her but she danced over right in front of him. She misjudged his path and you can’t turn a giant Harley on a dime. Looks completely unintentional on the part of both of them.

In that event, IMHO, they should still both be charged. The motorist must exert sufficient caution to avoid such unexpected situations at all times. Whether it was intentional or unintentional to be in his path, there were pedestrians visible and moving about in his path. And she should not have been where she was, so they were both liable for the incident. How much ya wanna bet that is what the judge will say? Not that most of the commentators on this post will agree. I don’t see it as actually about the law to them.

For once I sort of agree with you.

Sounds fair based on the evidence I have seen. At least the kids playing in the street got cited.

Geee, ummm, maybe we should start a petition to not charge David Medzyk? Isn’t that how it works, BLM? At least when it comes to people like Tiana Isis Arata?

Bottom line, had those protestors not been on the sidewalk on a red, Mr. Medzyk wouldn’t have had anything to accidentally bump into.

Suck it up, BLMers. You can’t have it both ways. Given the condition of the SLOPD today, I suspect the DA will cut deals all around.

Suck it up anonymous commentator. We live in a state where the pedestrian have to be observed and avoided. It really doesn’t matter if the protestors are irritating the crap out of us, that is the law. Neither can you have it “both ways”. And it sounds like they are in for some charges as well, which may help to put a damper on jumping around in our streets.

As for it being an “accident”, I would question that. I have been on a peace march and had a smart assed Cal Poly dude, in a very expensive car his parents likely bought him, aim directly at me and gun it, while I was walking normally at a crosswalk. I had to actually jump to avoid being hit. And this when none of us were obstructing traffic in any way. The LEO, who was less than 20′ away saw the whole thing and did absolutely nothing. I know not all LEOs are like that, but I certainly lost respect for that one. Not to mention the privileged and obvious bully boy in his fancy car. .

I really don’t care what a person is doing in the street, as long as they are not causing serious bodily harm to someone, there is absolutely no excuse for aggression or even carelessness behind the wheel. If that is not punished adequately, you or anyone of us could be next.

I wonder if any of these protesters are from anywhere close to SLO? Or were they just in town for the latest in adventure travel….protesting in a town they know nothing about?

Artemesia Shine? Ok, then

Gee, “Buns”, I don’t know, but perhaps when someone’s identity has been taken from them and they have been given a slave name, they might be entitled to tell all of us where to get off and call themselves anything they like. Just a thought.

Yes both the motorcyclist and protesters are minimizing their actions.

Then there’s perhaps this, perhaps that…You sure get indignant on items that you speculate on. Like some kid has a nice car, so someone else bought it. Seems like you are stereotyping everyone and blatantly intolerant.

So the woman with the bullhorn is a former slave? Interesting.

I was thinking that (s)he (or her parents) deserve a summons just for her first name.

I thought j-walking was illegal. If so, the cyclist did nothing wrong. This is a micro version of blocking highway 101. Stand in the street… expect to get hit. Idiots.

Besides being extremely mean spirited and blatantly cruel and intolerant, it suggests to me that perhaps you should not be driving. I really don’t look forward to seeing j-walking being punished by being mowed down in the street. But perhaps you never had children and prefer all “crimes” received capital punishment. . The individuals in the street are going to face charges, that is what we have laws and law enforcement for. When we decide to give that up and go with brutal vigilantism, I’ll be sure to tell them they need to call you.

Being mowed down in the street is the risk you take when you’re standing/dancing in it. Common sense is key here.

So the motorcyclist’s story was incorrect, they did not try to push him off his bike. And the protesters were also lying, they were not walking across the street in the crosswalk.

Hopefully now that officers are citing protesters for blocking traffic, the disruptions will soon end and they will protest without trying to harm others. Why can’t we work together to support each other during the pandemic?

Thank you for a post that not only has a recognizable name, but an intelligent and balanced reply. I’m with you on this one.

I don’t remember every bit of advice my mother gave to me….but “do not play in the street” is one that has always stuck with me…..



Mamas boys/girls

Way to go. You’re making a difference everyday, changing slo, one disfunctional event at a time……..

I’m ready to make my reparation payment. Let me know where to send