Five face charges stemming from San Luis Obispo protest

October 1, 2020


Five people are facing misdemeanor charges stemming from a protest that turned violent in San Luis Obispo following the May 25 death of George Floyd.

On June 1, protesters blocked traffic on Highway 101, and later engaged in a standoff with officers near the police station. The protest turned violent with agitators throwing rocks and water bottles at officers.

Officers responded with pepper spray, tear gas and handcuffs. Five of the people arrested on June 1 are scheduled for arraignments on Oct. 1.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed charges of failing to disperse a riot and resisting or obstructing an officer against Gianna Stoddard, 26, according to the complaint. Henry Popp, 19; Abigail Landis, 22; Michael Gates, 22; and Alexandra Bahramzadehebrahimi, 22, were each charged with one count of failure to disperse a riot or unlawful assembly.

In each case, the defendants were informed of their Oct. 1 arraignments during their arrests. Failure to appear, could lead to an arrest warrant, according to the complaints.

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OK, so the “authorities” have given us the names and ages- fine. Great.

But what about their residency? Where the Hell do these urban terrorists LIVE? Are they from our immediate SLO area here, or are they imported from other areas?

Why the Hell is this information not being released?

June 01/02, 2020 is when the SLOPD blinked, ushering in a summer of bullying protests by BLM, Race Cars Matter, etc. The responsibility and shame rests with both the SLOPD Chief, and the SLO Mayor/City Council Members.

Had they all shown some courage and competence, the City of SLO would have been spared all the garbage this last summer. Shame on them all.

There was an overwhelming deep desire to want to be like the cool kids in Portland. Making the news and grabbing headlines is what drives Harmon.

Does SLO have the guts to walkaway and vote for change?

Only 5???

Free Brarahmza, ugh it’s too much. It won’t fit on my cardboard sign.

What is wrong with these five young adults? The SLO police department and County Sheriff are not the Louisville or the Minneapolis police departments. Respect our local police. They have a tough enough job and don’t need to be the recipients of misplaced anger.

Wow I can actually agree with mazin on this.

What’s the point in charging these people? Low hanging fruit. Do some real work, Dow & co. Much bigger crimes have and are being committed right under your nose and you haven’t done a thing for years.

So, you don’t want them to ignore other crimes but you do want them to ignore the crimes these 5 committed….and, they should only worry about those that YOU deem “much bigger crimes.” I hear SLO PD has an opening for police chief, you should run since it sounds like you have it all figured out!

Good. May they be held accountable for their actions. I’m sure their supporter’s will organize another less than civil protest and demand that charges be dropped. May the court system if it has any guts, give them a dose of reality and same to any who follow them. I wonder if they will get the same bigoted, hate filled, violence threating attorney as Tiana?

Misdemeanor charges for public protests are a badge of honor for these young civil rights protestors. John Lewis had more than a few of these types of citations too.

Civil fine. That is about it.

It will probably be listed on their CV’s or resume’s soon.

While I agree with their cause; the smart course of action by those who oppose them would be to IGNORE them. That is if you want them to go away.


It’s not the “smart” course of action. It’s the expedient one. At some point, those in charge of a municipality’s governance and safety need to do the RIGHT thing, rather than the EASY thing.

I agree that ignoring these protests is the best way to make them stop, so long as the protesters are relatively peaceful, which these 5 were not…throwing rocks & FROZEN water bottles. I assume if someone assaulted you with an object likely to cause significant physical injury, you would not just IGNORE them…which is what you evidently think the PD should’ve done in this case. My guess is that you’d call these same officers and demand something be done!

So did California state senator (and 60’s radical) Tom Hayden.

Chances are some of these people will be in the California legislature in another 20 years.