SLO County Supervisor Hill died from cocaine and antidepressants

October 1, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


Investigators have determined San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill committed suicide through an overdose of cocaine and amitriptyline — an antidepressant, according to a county employee. The final coroner’s report should be available to the public in the next few weeks.

For years, critics questioned if Hill’s erratic behavior was linked to substance abuse.

In March, Hill attempted suicide, just hours after FBI agents raided his office at the County Government Center, his home in Shell Beach and the home of marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring. One of Dayspring’s former employees said he used to deliver complimentary pot, worth $300 to $400, to Hill’s home.

Hill checked into a residential mental health facility in July. He returned to work on Aug. 3.

Hill was found dead in his home on Aug. 6, shortly after he learned his administrative assistant had accused him of sexual misconduct. The Board of Supervisors was scheduled to discuss her claim at a closed session meeting on Aug. 11.

County administrators are investigating the allegations, which could lead to a financial settlement for Nicole Nix, Hill’s former administrative assistant.

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Was there a note? How do they know it was suicide? and just an overdose. We all know he had depresive issues, and even tried before. But could this have been accidental? Maybe he just had a heart attack?

Interesting that Hill commits suicide a few weeks after Sean Despain dies from an apparent drug overdose in SLO. They were both connected to Helios Dayspring.

Reminds me of that great Lynrd Skynrd song: “Oo Oo that Smell”: the smell of death surrounds you! It had to come to this for those to see the truth. But there’s probably still some deniers out there, particularly those ashamed who had voted for this beast. The public has a right to know: was there a letter? What did he do with his aide? Or will there be yet another coverup? Let the truth come out…

Adam Hill was a good man. When he was himself he was a very good politician. The Slo county corruption you are speaking about does not exist. Debbie Arnold takes money from oil and gas companies, from the Kocks brothers etc.., Adam Hill from Canabis growers, grappe growers etc…To run for office you need money. As long it is not dark money i am ok with that. The real dirty player is Dan Dow , the district attorney who use is name and connections to run political pac and smear opponents.I know you think i am ranting about Dow, but what i know about this county political scene is my curse.


Adam Hill was a good man.

What made Adam Hill a “good” Man? Because from all the negative behaviour I have read about, I wouldnt surmise “Good”.

Could be an Epstein. Adam Hill was going down and had a lot of dirt on a lot of people as a result of his being a part and parcel of long-standing, established SLO County corruption that continues in the form of staff reports and connected consultants that favor pay-to-play applicants. Still waiting on the Hill/Lee/Shoals FBI report.