Gunman robs Subway restaurant in San Luis Obispo

October 9, 2020


Police are searching for a man who robbed a Subway sandwich stop at gunpoint Thursday evening in San Luis Obispo.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m., a man walked into the Subway located in the 1300 block of Madonna Road, pointed a handgun at the employee behind the counter and demanded cash from the register, according to police. The robber fled through the front doors of Subway with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police describe the suspect as a man in his late 20s of an unknown race who is 5 feet 10 inches tall with a thin build. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood over a black hat and a red bandana covering his face.

The suspect had long, black, chest-length hair. Based on the color, texture and shine of the hair, investigators believe it may have been a wig.

Officers are asking anyone who witnessed the robbery or has any information about the incident or the suspect to call police at (805) 781-7312.

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Check the projects at 1500 block of Madonna for the perp…that’s where I’d start

Really, rob a little Subway?, probably got $40 in cash….the genius with the handgun should have realized their gun is worth more than the cash till. Plus using a weapon will land them in prison… probably really needed that “fix” badly. I hope the innocent Subway employee did not get too traumatized either. Those are usually hard working students trying to get ahead. Catch ’em SLOPD, get that trash off the streets.

Crime and violent crime is on the increase up in San Luis Obispo, this is one of many crimes that are taking place every day, it is time for a new Chief of Police, I applaud the City Manager for doing a Nation Wide search.

San Luis Obispo needs a out side Chief and a more transparent command structure who tells the TRUTH, once you all get a New Mayor and New members on your City Council i hope you get an outsider who is NOT going to be bullied and who is truthful and factual. You have a good District Attorney and numerous great Judges. The last Chief lost control of her own rank and file staff and you need a highly educated well respected Chief as NO ONE on the SLOPD is capable of being the next chief.

Hire an person of Command who is going to follow the Rule of law, ethics, integrity and ethics who the POST commission, PORAC, and knows who has leadership not to compromise like X Chief Cantrell was a looser from day one. Crime actually increased when she was your chief.

No Chief should be complacent with the protesters or demonstrators, this so called radical Tianna Arata is a looser for the rest of her life she duped the Chief and from what the rank and file of good officers I know all had no respect for the X Chief so be very careful who you pick this time around.

Pacification did not work in Viet-Nam and does not work in San Luis Obispo as more of you local businesses close all because of your failure to enforce the Law on the Books.

Neither Ms. Arata nor Chief Cantrell are loosers, but they may be losers.

That’s a loose interpretation of the facts.

I’m excited that I get to use the word “literally” properly in this comment. The entire basis of your argument is *literally* false. Crime rates and violent crime rates are not on the increase in SLO.

I agree with your sentiment Deposed but in my opinion it is unlikely SLO will get such a leader with Heidi and the Hipsters running things. Furthermore, I believe the city manager and city attorney should be dismissed as they are all part of the gang that has been, and still is, running SLO into the ground. It’s time to clean house, begin anew.

I’m thinking Harmon is on the way out, at least if yard sign count is any indicator