Protesters planning to disrupt traffic in San Luis Obispo

October 29, 2020


A group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students is planning to disrupt the evening commute in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, and in the future, until their demands are met, according to Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO’s Instagram posts.

“We will haunt the ones in power and give them no peace,” the group says on a flier promoting the protest aimed at forcing the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to drop charges on all protesters and for local governments to meet their demands. “We can finally have the numbers and sustained pressure to win.”

The AACCS demands the SLO City Council and the SLO County Board of Supervisors enact the following measures:

  • Drop charges against 2020 protesters
  • Abolish the district attorney’s office and jails
  • Defund law enforcement
  • Provide rent, mortgage and utility relief for everyone retroactive to April
  • Provide free counseling and drug rehab to people of color
  • Provide a college fund for low income people of color
  • Provide free transportation and internet for all
  • Enact a wealth tax to pay for their demands

The group, comprise of the Cal Poly Black Student Union, Cal Poly Students for Quality Education and black and indigenous students and community members of color, is planning to meet at 5:30 p.m. at Mission Plaza. They are not currently disclosing where they plan to march.

“Fuck the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these black and brown folks,” the group posted on Instagram. “We know that these conditions, the very existence of policing and incarceration, are themselves violence on our communities that have gone unchecked for far to long.”


Pretty bold requests. Thanks for the warning . Any disruptions should lead to incarcerations.


This is a joke right? Delusional.


The old Steve Martin line comes to mind: “I’m gonna blow [my hostages] up at midnight, too. —

Unless, of course, I get my three demands. 1) A hundred thousand in cash, 2) a getaway car, and 3) I want the letter “M” stricken from the English alphabet.—- See, you have to make one crazy demand so that if you get caught, you can plead insanity.”

If a group is going to make crazy demands, shouldn’t they make at least one sane one?

Buns N Roses

You can’t even parody this stupidity


Love the list!!!

But they should add more:)

Free housing

Free gasoline

Free utilities

Free tuition

Free cars

Free food

No taxes

And of course somebody else to pay for it, and if they try and leave, they still have to pay!!!

I think Gov Newsom already wants the exit tax!!!


Well heck, I can’t ever make fun of the millennials again, not with this new generation of idiots working their way through college. Sounds like a bunch of 5 year olds threatening to hold their breath till they get everything they want.


“Working” sure you don’t mean skating


You are correct : )

Speak Truth to Power

Sounds like Great Fun during Covid19.


Oh their parents must be so proud of their kids. Educational money being well spent. haha. Why is Cal Poly putting up with this disruptive behavior, does this meet the student code of conduct? CP goes after the kids who partied at the beach, but not the protestors. I will not donate one dime to Cal Poly or attend ANY of their events until they clean up their mess. The permanent residents of this community shouldn’t have to deal with this BS


“Why is Cal Poly putting up with this” You think Cal Poly gets to decide what students do with their time off?

“The permanent residents of this community” live under the constitution like everyone.

Perhaps living in a fascist society where this kind of thing gets crushed with blood would be more to your liking, here we have rights, even students.


San Luis Obispo is hardly a facist society. I can suggest a few where you can get a great first hand education.


These students are advocating violence, making up issues and straw men to take power. Classic playbook from Adolph Hitler.

And you wonder why Mayor Heidi Harmon wears the red rose — channeling Eva Braun?


Fascism is erroneously, and purposely, linked to the far right on the political spectrum by those on the left side of the spectrum. If you think logically, conservatives want less government and more freedom, not government control. The true roots of fascism originate with Giovanni Gentile, an understudy of Karl Marx, the ideological founder of communism. Gentile himself described fascism as the “most workable form of socialism,” doesn’t sound like conservative ideology, does it. Please do your own research….rather than depend on Wikipedia & the mainstream media for your so called facts. This has become the go to playbook for the left….blame the right for what you yourself are, or are doing.


Well, and let’s not forget that the actual name of Hitler’s political party was “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)”, which, translated into English means “National Socialist German Workers Party.”

The term “Nazi” was derived from the German pronunciation of the first part of the first word- “National.”


Abolish jails, too? If that’s the case, these Cal Poly kids might also need to add to their demand list, “Assemble the Avengers.”

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