Protesters planning to disrupt traffic in San Luis Obispo

October 29, 2020


A group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students is planning to disrupt the evening commute in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, and in the future, until their demands are met, according to Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO’s Instagram posts.

“We will haunt the ones in power and give them no peace,” the group says on a flier promoting the protest aimed at forcing the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to drop charges on all protesters and for local governments to meet their demands. “We can finally have the numbers and sustained pressure to win.”

The AACCS demands the SLO City Council and the SLO County Board of Supervisors enact the following measures:

  • Drop charges against 2020 protesters
  • Abolish the district attorney’s office and jails
  • Defund law enforcement
  • Provide rent, mortgage and utility relief for everyone retroactive to April
  • Provide free counseling and drug rehab to people of color
  • Provide a college fund for low income people of color
  • Provide free transportation and internet for all
  • Enact a wealth tax to pay for their demands

The group, comprise of the Cal Poly Black Student Union, Cal Poly Students for Quality Education and black and indigenous students and community members of color, is planning to meet at 5:30 p.m. at Mission Plaza. They are not currently disclosing where they plan to march.

“Fuck the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these black and brown folks,” the group posted on Instagram. “We know that these conditions, the very existence of policing and incarceration, are themselves violence on our communities that have gone unchecked for far to long.”

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Boy missing the bus on this one…..

Protesting is an inalienable right, recognized by the Constitution. RIOTING is a crime. Referring to rioters as protesters infers that their actions aren’t criminal when, in fact, they are. When law enforcement professionals take action against protesters then they are seen as government agents oppressing the people.

Dont you see that you are doing this to yourselves? No wonder you want to defund the police.

Smoke a joint and relax. They have the same rights to speak their believes and values. Just like some of you in these comments that are always preaching and falling back on your constitutional rights to say what ever dumb shit comes out of your mouths. Shut up, let them do their thing and they will/might have whatever natural consequences follow. Don’t forget to vote.

True, they absolutely have a right to SPEAK their beliefs & values. But they do not have a right to BLOCK traffic and ENDANGER others during 5:30pm rush hour on Halloween wknd. If and when they break any laws, they should be arrested and prosecuted.

Reads like you have been smoking something

Cow Poly remains the dominion of Central Valley, LA, and Bay Area brats that could never get into a UC. It would be nice if Poly could forgo weak attempts to complete in D-1 athletics and failure to rein in idiotic “Greek” traditions in favor of academic excellence. Jeff, excuse me Jeffery, Armstrong is there only there to collect a ridiculous salary and apply for jobs with a more ridiculous salary.

Just viewed the CP BSU instagram page and the AACCS instagram page and couldn’t find the measures/quotes from this article.

After a little digging I found this page that lists all the demands in detail. Seems like there are a lot more than the bullet points listed in this article.

Would be nice if the article actually linked to the things being quoted or at least screenshotted them so we could avoid any media bias.

Sure hope Cal Poly has schooled these kids about how far in front of a semi truck one must stand to be visable over the hood of semi trucks… Ask the protestors from the early 1970’s that laid down in front of semi trucks at the Diablo Canyon gate.

These are all democrats folks, never have we had conservative students making these chaotic demands. They never taught us anything like this at Oxford University when I attended nor when I went to Call Poly to think that this is how this institution is providing these progressive ideologies to students. Cal Poly is not the conservative school it once was, it’s turning into a progressive DNC university.

Yeah, and why not add to the demand list,

A free Cadillac for all.

“Fuck the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these black and brown folks”

Did Mighty Heidi write this?

“Unchecked for far to (sic) long.” What was your SAT English score? Good to know we have only the best and brightest at Cal Poly.