Protesters planning to disrupt traffic in San Luis Obispo

October 29, 2020


A group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students is planning to disrupt the evening commute in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, and in the future, until their demands are met, according to Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO’s Instagram posts.

“We will haunt the ones in power and give them no peace,” the group says on a flier promoting the protest aimed at forcing the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to drop charges on all protesters and for local governments to meet their demands. “We can finally have the numbers and sustained pressure to win.”

The AACCS demands the SLO City Council and the SLO County Board of Supervisors enact the following measures:

  • Drop charges against 2020 protesters
  • Abolish the district attorney’s office and jails
  • Defund law enforcement
  • Provide rent, mortgage and utility relief for everyone retroactive to April
  • Provide free counseling and drug rehab to people of color
  • Provide a college fund for low income people of color
  • Provide free transportation and internet for all
  • Enact a wealth tax to pay for their demands

The group, comprise of the Cal Poly Black Student Union, Cal Poly Students for Quality Education and black and indigenous students and community members of color, is planning to meet at 5:30 p.m. at Mission Plaza. They are not currently disclosing where they plan to march.

“Fuck the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these black and brown folks,” the group posted on Instagram. “We know that these conditions, the very existence of policing and incarceration, are themselves violence on our communities that have gone unchecked for far to long.”


These individuals who received a trophy all their lives who feel they are important need to defect to socialist countries so they can get their free education, rent, transportation, and internet. It’s there to be had….please take it!


I don’t think the city has the power to do at least half of what they’re asking for – in the words of Mark Twain – “better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.

and why should only people of color get get free counseling and drug rehab?


But first they need to “walk through the candy cane forrest and I through the land of swirly twirly gumdrops…”


Obviously the DA won’t drop the charges against Tianna Arrata et al, so they are hoping to get arrested and then complain even more about what a bad guy he is.

The protesters may want to go back to a Poli Sci 100 class to understand the limited powers of city and county government.


If they defund police, eliminate the da and jails, then can’t we run them over when blocking the street. Be careful what u wish for.


I agree. There are a silent majority who would love to have a chance to even the playing field. They absolutely better be careful what they wish for.


Mama used to say, “If you can’t find anything better to do with your time I will give you something to do”.

These cry babies need their mamas.


Oh there are some polysci professors just bursting with pride right now while many of us are disgusted and saddened by this. These kids have grown up in our “everyone gets a trophy” culture, but haven’t yet learned that doesn’t necessarily equate to having earned it, or being deserving of one.


“These kids have grown up…”

Well, I beg to differ- I don’t think that any of them show any signs whatsoever of having even begun to “grow up.”


Aren’t these kids in college to eventually get jobs in which they will have to pay the taxes to fund their silly demands. Are they taught to think that far ahead?


“Are they taught to think that far ahead?”

Well, actually, and unfortunately, they’re not taught to think at all.


A few years ago I was in the SLO museum of art and heard a bunch of chanting loud voices on the street. We made our way to the entrance to see what was the hu-bub. A batch of Cal Poly kids were chanting and marching down the sidewalk and the chant ending was “this is what democracy looks like.” So they have been taught.


Throw them in jail!


Send them to study abroad, in a country truly deprived of individual liberties. Maybe then they will learn to appreciate what we have here in this great nation!