SLO City responds to diversity task force chair’s criminal charge

October 19, 2020

Amman Asfaw


In response to the criminal charge filed against Amman Asfaw, the chair of San Luis Obispo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force and a vocal supporter of Mayor Heidi Harmon’s campaign, the city issued a press release noting the charges will not impact the 22-year-old’s chairmanship.

On Oct. 16, prosecutors charged Asfaw with false imprisonment related to detaining a driver during a July 21 Black Lives Matter march onto Highway 101. Asfaw is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 22.

San Luis Obispo Oct. 18 press release:

“The City of San Luis Obispo has been following the announcement from the District Attorney’s Office regarding the additional charges related to the July 21, 2020 protest posted late last week. The City recognizes the independent authority of the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office to determine charges related to the July 21 protest.

“One of those charged is Amman Asfaw who was recently elected as Chair of the City’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. He will continue in his role on this important effort while these separate proceedings unfold. One of the most sacred and important principles in the American criminal justice system holds that all persons are innocent until proven guilty.

“The Task Force was created in June 2020 by City Council resolution; its charter includes collecting information and insight in order to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the city, recommend funding for community-based DE&I programs, and provide recommendations on the development of a potential DE&I-focused Major City Goal and the enhancement of the Human Relations Commission.

“The Task Force efforts are embedded in cultivating a community rooted in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Throughout the Task Force process the voices of community members have amplified the need to uplift and sustain any efforts that advance the City’s sense of community and belonging for those most marginalized.

“The City is committed to supporting the full and fair adjudication of the cases through the established judicial process. There is a pending motion for a gag order seeking to limit City public comment in those pending cases of Tianna Arata and Elias Bautista.

“The City has not made any comments since the conclusion of its investigation and intends to limit any official statements to those made in the course of city participation in the judicial process, absent the need to correct any public misinformation.”

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Good for the DA. Participation in a mob should never provide cover for individual crimes.

Why would the group appoint a 22 year old Asfaw as the chair of San Luis Obispo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force? His Linkedin shows him graduating June 2021. The employment possibilities are slim for a Electrical Engineering grad student here in SLO unless he wants to work at PG&E. Asfaw interned at Intel for two summers, and the rest of the resume portrays him as president of black engineering students at Poly and a diversity head of his fraternity. So, whatever he influences here in the next few months won’t affect him when he moves back to the bay area in 8 months to get his first real career level job.

Another Heidi hireling gone astray. Just like Tianna and Jalen Hamler. There is no sense of diversity, equality, tolerance or inclusiveness in any of them. The whole task force is a joke, especially the guy that was a guest on KVEC with Davey a couple of months ago. They more resemble a militant task force that is not diverse, tolerant, or inclusive. Their actions and words, including Mayor Harmon, have more than proven this.

Hey Mayor. is there an oversight committee to watch over the $160,000 your so called “task force” is fleecing from the city’s taxpayer’s? You all created a problem with your failed movement, and now fund the continuing problem by stealing from the taxpayer. Nice job Heidi. I hope you get your Asfaw handed to you on November 3. Its well earned and deserved by your pathetic actions as a mayor.

Well now that you mention an oversight committee, there should be one formed, and why couldn’t taxpayers do this, and then some one needs to be held accountable for the $160,000 the flower child fleeced from the taxpayer.

Why not, SLO has cops who routinely break the law, from illegal searches, to shooting dogs, to DUI’s, a city attorney who violates orders and releases videos, so why not a criminal heading a task force. How much of that $160,000 has been wasted so far and gone where?

So this is how the City of SLO choses to spend taxpayers hard earned money then have the gall to try to raise taxes! Unreal!

Wait a minute. . . . “The City has not made any comments . . .” ??? —- Did not the Mayor ground her diatribe against the District Attorney on her oath as Mayor of San Luis Obispo? When she wrote at the end of her letter (I bet on City stationary): “I swore an oath to this city and unlike you, I will see mine fulfilled.”, was that not an official “comment” from the Mayor of the City to the County District Attorney?

Let’s see… This punk strongly supports Harmon’s reelection campaign. Then he goes out and commits false imprisonment. Then he is elected as the chairman of the City’s “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.”

Damn… This would be Twilight Zone material, were it not so damned infuriating! Harmon must go!

The DE&I TASK FORCE!! A “solution” looking for a problem. Just a way for Harmon and her council of clowns to pretend they’re solving a terrible social problem in the city when there is no such problem. I hope they’re not wasting tax money actually paying this Asfaw. What are his qualifications? Young, black and violent? I guess that’s just the type of person Harmon and the clowns admire.


In the history of SLO City politics never has there been a time to clean house and elect a new mayor and council.