SLO Mayor Harmon’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive

October 19, 2020

District Attorney Dan Dow


It has come to my attention that a local incumbent mayoral candidate pulled a political campaign stunt over the weekend by using my name and office to make preposterous false allegations. The San Luis Obispo mayoral candidate’s campaign stunt, intended to help her political fundraising, was untruthful as it intentionally misstated facts and fabricated allegations for political purposes.

I am proud of the tireless work of my office to protect the people of our county through aggressive and fair prosecution of crime and protecting the rights of crime victims.

It is the duty of the district attorney’s office to thoroughly review every investigation to determine if the evidence proves that a crime was committed. We perform that duty every day without regard to individual characteristics such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin or political viewpoint.

Mayor Heidi Harmon

The mayoral candidate’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric seeks to stir more unrest rather than promote peace and healing in our community.

I will never compromise the integrity of this office by using race or public opinion to decide whether or not to file a criminal charge. My decisions will always be based on the evidence and the law.”

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Atta boy, Dan. Good job. I have been critical of you for your lack of action on felony charges of Charles Tenborg and Bill Worrell, but I support you on this issue.

All of those who have been thanking a praising Dan Dow for (finally) acting against violent protesters may want to back up a little and think about this. I believe there is a monetary and/or political advantage, and/or a near effortless tactic behind everything he does. These motives are not always going to be evident.

Also, keep in mind he is an attorney. For that matter so is Tim Covello. To my knowledge, I have never met either of them, but I have met and do know a number of attorneys. There is never a “good” encounter with any attorney. My sample is large enough that I am willing to judge them by the company they keep.

I doubt Dow is doing this because of any sense of justice (which no longer exists in the “judicial” system). Don’t forget, as far as I know Cheyne Orndorff’s and Vanessa Bedroni’s rights are still being violated by the DA and most every other agency you can think of (except maybe the Sheriff’s department).

Well.. I’m elated I do not live in SLO. As a Cal Poly alumna (1979) and AG resident, I knew better than to buy a home in SLO.

I’ve ordered my north county company several months ago not to spend 1 cent in the city of SLO for any business purposes or supplies. We get almost everything now online or we’ll drive to a different city.

We pulled $184,000 from doing business in SLO

All because of Communist Heidi Harmon.

Nice. I love it. I haven’t spent money in the city since 1992, when the then city council and mayor, voted to oppose the Gulf War. I keep my money in the north county.

I know many who have stopped shopping or dining in San Luis Obispo, I am no longer a booster for Cal(Fascist)Poly. The last I heard there were at least 30+ others who have also pulled their funding.

Sounds like the opposite of envy. This business owner should feel free to spend his money wherever he pleases. Maybe they don’t want to drive down there to get harassed and illegally detained by the protesters that are allowed to do as they please. I’m sure there are plenty of “upright” businesses in SLO that don’t agree with Harmon’s and/or the cities policies and probably are not responsible for voting her in…. but we all know that money makes the world go ‘round! Isn’t this a similar tactic to what Democrat led state’s did across the country to destroy the booming economy (mostly thanks to Trump), all in the name of COVID??