SLO County Supervisor Hill died from cocaine and antidepressants

October 1, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


Investigators have determined San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill committed suicide through an overdose of cocaine and amitriptyline — an antidepressant, according to a county employee. The final coroner’s report should be available to the public in the next few weeks.

For years, critics questioned if Hill’s erratic behavior was linked to substance abuse.

In March, Hill attempted suicide, just hours after FBI agents raided his office at the County Government Center, his home in Shell Beach and the home of marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring. One of Dayspring’s former employees said he used to deliver complimentary pot, worth $300 to $400, to Hill’s home.

Hill checked into a residential mental health facility in July. He returned to work on Aug. 3.

Hill was found dead in his home on Aug. 6, shortly after he learned his administrative assistant had accused him of sexual misconduct. The Board of Supervisors was scheduled to discuss her claim at a closed session meeting on Aug. 11.

County administrators are investigating the allegations, which could lead to a financial settlement for Nicole Nix, Hill’s former administrative assistant.


That guy was a mess. How did he ever make it so far as being the County Supervisor? He should have been locked up in a loony bin long ago.


He had a D by his name…..and this is California….


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Rick James

Jorge Estrada

It is criminal that the prerequisite to be a County Supervisor is not forged with ongoing drug testing. These people can severely damage the public through their ability to lobby and reciprocate favors. Adam may have been a good speaker but I can remember the numerous allegations of his personal attacks on the Cal Coast News writer Karen Velie. Obviously with time the truth has been delivered but the damage has been done and only his unruly sex life will likely to be compensated for, to the aggrieved, by the County of San Luis Obispo taxpayers. Adam, it is wrong for me to place judgment but you have injured the living and now the living will have to weigh this folly so it doesn’t happen again.

Ted R

I would surmise Adam Hill’s bombardment of this news agency would warrant a sizable settlement by the county who turned a blind eye to Adam’s unscrupulous practices. Especially considering the damning evidence collected by the FBI.

what the

How about a settlement for Karen and Dan? Pay up, SLO county. The documentary is getting very interesting.


Interesting you should mention that documentary. I hear it’s nearly finished and will discuss at length the DA’s refusal to recognize the perjury that tainted that trial. Yet CalCoastNews survives!


The damage done by Helios Dayspring follows behind him like a boat wake!!!


Also this is the first time reading that Dayspring’s house was the third “mystery” search warrant along with Hills office and residence.


I have never heard of anyone ever committing suicide with cocaine and antidepressants.


This information answers a whole lot of questions does it not? I’m not at all surprised. It proves what I have been saying about him for years even while others said it was not true, and I was wrong to say it.



HOW? Everybody who voted for him should take a long hard log at themselves.

Just sayin…


Easy, Cal Poly, the same group Heidi Harmon is going after to secure her next term.


Hill was elected by the Vote Blue No Matter Who group, they didn’t care that his behavior was erratic, often abusive and bizarre, (along with strong suggestions of criminality) he was a Democrat and that was all that mattered.


“a long hard log” eh? Did this exciting topic induce that freudian slip?