State funds Paso Robles hotel conversion to housing for the homeless

October 20, 2020


The state of California has awarded a grant of more than $15 million to the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) in order to purchase Motel 6 in Paso Robles and convert it into a shelter and housing for the homeless.

HASLO is partnering on the project with People’s Self Help Housing (PSHH) and the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO). HASLO and PSHH will operate the permanent housing part of the project, while ECHO will manage the shelter. The latter will provide beds to the homeless on an interim basis.

“Paso Robles has no emergency shelter, and also has a higher proportion of non-white residents than the county as a whole, and a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases,” according to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office.

The grant is part of the state of California’s ongoing Homekey awards, a program that funds the purchase and conversion of properties, including hotels, motels and vacant apartment buildings, into housing for the homeless.

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I give this little experiment about 6 months…..

This should make tractor supply and grocery outlet happy…I wonder how many customers they will drive away.

I’m glad I moved away from Paso five years ago.

So is Paso

What a great idea….spend $15 mil you don’t have, buy a run down hotel for above market value, then spend millions to renovate it for homeless that won’t use it. Then raise taxes on your constituents (again) and expect them to happily pay it after you increased the prevalence of property crimes in their community and lowered their property values!

Let’s be honest, it’s Motel 6 in Paso. How many fugitives have been found hiding there in the past? How many hot plate meth cooks and hookers have operated out of those rooms?

Turning it into a hobo shelter isn’t really a step down for that particular property, however, lines of pan handlers hanging around the fairgrounds in July is asking for trouble. The first 4H kid that gets accosted by a bum residing at that location will probably result in an act of arson by some of our not so warm and fuzzy north county neighbors.

Better to keep the bums safe and house them among the limp wristed hand wringers in SLO.

The state isn’t funding anything — taxpayers are funding this boondoggle. I wonder how much of that $15 million will get ‘lost’?

Not lost but you can bet certain favored contractors will get the inflated no bid contracts for the renovations. Too bad the motel won’t need any garage doors, Paso has the perfect person to supply those.

I’m fine with helping families out, but I promise you this will become a drug ,crime hotspot. SLO will start sending their bums up to Paso. This is a bad idea funded by taxpayers.

My first thought was “It’s Motel 6, not much is going to change”. I do think it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for law enforcement though.

Instead of the state giving taxpayer dollars away for this it should have given the old boys school to the city and county for housing the homeless, a couple doctors and a shrink or two there would do wonders fro the homeless, but throwing money at this most likelu won’t work, it’ll have to be bulldozed within 5 years as it’ll be a slum.

Are there no prisons?” And union workhouses, are they still in operation?

How about a clean and sober work camp with three hots and a cot in exchange for them performing community service? Yes, I’m serious.

That was in fact the way things were dealt with up until the early 80’s. My 94 yr. old mother could go to a judge and say my son needs help and I could be committed to to Patton or Agnew state hospitals for my own best interest. Now we incentivize crime, drug addition and have completely abandoned all environmental regulations.