State funds Paso Robles hotel conversion to housing for the homeless

October 20, 2020


The state of California has awarded a grant of more than $15 million to the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) in order to purchase Motel 6 in Paso Robles and convert it into a shelter and housing for the homeless.

HASLO is partnering on the project with People’s Self Help Housing (PSHH) and the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO). HASLO and PSHH will operate the permanent housing part of the project, while ECHO will manage the shelter. The latter will provide beds to the homeless on an interim basis.

“Paso Robles has no emergency shelter, and also has a higher proportion of non-white residents than the county as a whole, and a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases,” according to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office.

The grant is part of the state of California’s ongoing Homekey awards, a program that funds the purchase and conversion of properties, including hotels, motels and vacant apartment buildings, into housing for the homeless.

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For those of you that don’t know, Echo does a great job in Atascadero. They would be the perfect outfit to manage this. It is a very controlled environment there. Check them out. This will be a good thing for Paso.

How about Camp Roberts seems like there are plenty of empty buildings there.

You know, I can name 4 families, and 3 elderly homeless couples right now. None of which are drugies. All of which are having a very difficult time with affordable housing. One family was renting a cute house in Osos. The owner passed away and her kids wanted to sell. They had been there for 10 years, with resonable rent. Now everything they find is near 2k or over, and they can’t afford to house the kids! Another, an older couple now on fixed income is forced to living a travel trailer after the new owners jacked the rent way over thier pay abilities. ITs not all dopers out there needing housing. I think this is a GREAT idea!! Better than floating around the county in a trailer? My question is 15 million is a LOT for an old down and out motel 6. ?? Seems the overcharge is everywhere.They should buy up other old Motels, ones for families, ones for seniors? But have a stipulation you need to have been already living in the county for a few years at least.

“Better than floating around the county in a trailer?”

You know, I can name 3 couples who recently made the decision to sell their homes and move into travel trailers to avoid the high property taxes (and taxes in general) in this state. Residents are leaving the state in never before seen numbers because there is no such thing as affordable housing here. Taxpayers that remain can’t afford enough affordable housing for everyone who wants to live here.

You can bet there will be people camping in vans and parking their rundown motorhomes on the curb of Black Oak Drive near the homeless shelter. They’ll move them every other day like the do on Prado Rd in SLO.