Who is attempting to rig the jury in the Tianna Arata case?

October 8, 2020

Tianna Arata standing on a highway barrier


After attending rallies supporting protesters’ assertions they did not break the law when they blocked traffic on Highway 101, attorneys representing SLO protest leader Tianna Arata are requesting that a judge impose a gag order on both the California Highway Patrol and the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Arata’s attorney’s filed a complaint on Monday seeking that the San Luis Obispo Area CHP and SLO Police Department be barred from discussing the case on social media or with the press.

The filling claims the law enforcement agencies spread blatantly false narratives and prejudicial misinformation in several Facebook and Instagram posts.

In one of the posts referenced, the CHP stated, while on Highway 101 on July 21, a group of protesters became violent and circled a driver. Protesters attacked the vehicle, with one suspect jumping on the hood of the car and another suspect breaking the rear window with a skateboard.

The shattered glass hit a four-year-old child in the backseat, according to the CHP.

Arata’s attorneys claim the CHP and SLO Police Department have jeopardized their client’s right to a fair trial with an unbiased jury.

However, supporters of Arata have also promoted their narrative that the drivers were the aggressors on social media and at rallies.

Arata is currently facing 13 misdemeanor charges for her actions on July 21, when she led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. In addition to the incident involving the smashed window, protesters blocked drivers trying to exit the highway, including a father attempting to take his pregnant daughter to the hospital.

Prosecutors have charged Arata with one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare and five counts of false imprisonment. Arata has yet to enter a plea in the case.

In addition, Arata could face additional charges as the CHP concludes its investigation.

Arata is scheduled for a hearing on the gag motion and a motion to dismiss on Oct. 22.

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Tianna and BLM’s gang! If you’re going to do the crime, be ready to do the time! Theme from Baretta! Also, don’t video yourselves doing the crime and post on social media! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

In my opinion, spilling a protest march onto a freeway during the evening rush hour without proper pre-planning and coordination with law enforcement for traffic control, is not protected free speech, but rather a public safety concern akin to the proverbial Free Speech test of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Free speech ends when public safety is jeopardized and this woman should be put on trial for her blatant disregard for the safety of everyone on the road that day and the safety of those blocking traffic with their protest.

And I doubt that the CHP would ever give them permission to block a freeway. In fact i don’t believe the CHP has the authority to block the traffic on what is actually a federal highway (US 101).

That said, i have serious doubts that she would be convicted. Too many sympathizers with her cause in this County that all but ensures a hung jury.

We’ll see what the San Luis Obispo County Trial sets as an example for others to follow. This is what the public will have to accept.

We agree Jorge, come 10-22-20 both motions will be denied and finally the system up in San Luis Obispo can get to show the evidence, facts and undercover agents can provide evidence that is not public, as several inside these protests, riots and destruction done by the likes of the BLM, Free Tianna, especially on one very weird guy named Aaron Ochs.

Has he has been running a “Private” FB Site called ( SLO COUNTY PROTEST WATCH) he thought it was really private, as both the FB security experts have turned over all the [people] on it, op’s they A.O. has come out of his closet and did not know that many of his so called “Secret” Members are Law Enforcement and other agents from other agencies.

A.O. has been stalking, lying, making fake postings, attacking people falsely, making threats to actually “KILL” people with a Gun. As he has a long history of obeying his Old Daddy and Mommy, whom he still lives with, behind closed doors now and then he picks out but is a very disturbed “Loner” who is a 5150 W&I Code.

He has no Job, No girl friend EVER, and NO alleged Boyfriend that would admit they once dated him, and one of his own members embedded on his “Secret” site have taken great statements, video’s and recorded his ranting and mental anguish of being a “Wack” he attacks, Politicians, CCT, CCN, Radio hosts, Political figures and more.

Members of your Board of Supervisors and your City Council to name a couple, he can run and try to hide but “Daddy” who is about 75 said his son has some serious Mental Health problems. He has been a UN-verified, Confidential snitch source for the Police.

He actually thinks he is someone ? he is just a small man who really needs help, SLO County I’m told has a good mental health program, one will hope that BLM, RACE Matters and others realize he is a pretend informant on them and when he walks with them they did not know he was a “Fake” and disturbed. They now know i hope the CHP gets their complaint done by 10-22-20 to bring more charges against her and others under Investigation.

This A.O. is a CCT, CCN stalker and uses many names, learned that all his IP addresses cell and surveillance has a boat load on him. Thank all the “Secret Members” of his (SLO COUNTY PROTEST WATCH) as FB is giving access to all Law Enforcement.

Aaron “OAKS” get the help before you harm your self you are really coming off the tracks in a bad way. Good Job to ALL Law Enforcement on the task forces monitoring the site and its nutty members. Can’t wait to see him get subpoenaed to a Grand Jury Under Oath and he will break down and start crying like a Baby, he will not do well in Jail or Prison.

He Needs to be at his Mommies and Daddies home so they can keep him under control, keep him on Medications to control his impulse to harm himself or others, CCN, New Times, News break, Sheriff’s Office, Tribune, Morro Bay, SLO PD and others keep him on the watch list he will act out as usual. As soon as he sees this post he will as usual come unglued and start accusing and attacking anyone and everyone. He is a very insecure, child in a 35 year old body.

Ed once said he and P. feel sorry and do not know what to do as he is unstable and a Liar of the first kind, even the KKK did not want him nor do the AB’s from CMC. Send him a PM so he can exploit more and that way he gets more of being eavesdropped, FB, All social media has him under their EYE as a nut job.

He said he saw Tianna today in SLO, is he still fooling her that he is on her side ?

Our Advise Aaron is get some Psychiatry help fast. CelCal, CAPSLO, Trans-mental health can help you too.

We all look forward to the Trials, I hear Baustia is working on a Felony deal so he won’t go to State Prison, so many now X protester have flipped on the group and this fake Journalist Aaron “Oaks” a man with no degrees, no jobs, no income, he even once took music lessons and failed at that that is per his X teacher in Los Osos.

Whatever will Ochs do without Adam Hill to protect him?

Wonder when the last time Arata and her followers thought of George Floyd? After all, these protests were allegedly about him; not a cause celeb for Arata. It’s pretty crass creating a career on the grave of a dead man.

George who? Oh yeah the drug addict dude we are all supposed to revere. Yeah that’s right, the guy who was breaking into homes and threatening pregnant women. I remember now.

So the terrorized pregnant woman in labor and the four-year old child shattered with broken glass are the real aggressors? I think they should both engage a civil suit against terrorist Arata.