Humpback whale scoops up kayakers in Avila Beach, spits them out

November 2, 2020


A pair of kayakers had a close call Monday, when a massive humpback whale scooped their kayak up in his mouth, and then spit them out. Neither woman was seriously injured.

A nearby person on a paddle board reportedly helped one of the women back to shore.

During the fall, nutrient rich colder waters bring an explosion of krill and sardines, which the migrating whales, brown pelicans and sea lions feed on.

Each year, the feeding frenzy attracts whale watchers, who on occasion, are knocked into the ocean by a breaching whale.


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Incredible photos! Where did these come from?


A whale’s gotta do what a whale’s gotta do.

Give them their space and stay outta the way!


According to the kayakers, their boats were capsized with the appearance that they were swallowed.


That’s the chance you take being on their turf.

kevin rise

Pretty tricky. How to not infringe on peoples rights to have recreation and sporting, while respecting a small region critical to humpbacks ancient migration and grey whales migration. We are dealing with this in Oceano involving a “bird” and a “ecosystem to recreate in”. I say keep people the hell out of there during migration, but so much business and mooring is done there, and for a long time too, and I sympathise truly with that as a local wanting local business to thrive.


One could argue that the birds and whales were here first.

kevin rise

I’d agree with you, but that ideology is conflicting with profit. But where do our expectations, allowances and dissalownces for nature lie that conflict with civilization and the free market? As I said, I’d like to see it as a preserve with economic integration. But really, Diablo Canyon discharge has ramifications too ecologically, a kayaker is pretty innocent compared, sorry to mention Diablo, I understand it provides jobs…and a risk.


Close brush with a couple Darwin awards right there. Might be time to stick to something safer, like riding a pair of those low profile recumbent bikes up Old Creek Road …….


OK, now- correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that there’s one whole lot of sarcasm built into that comment.


Same thing happened to Pinocchio!


Of course the kayakers were maintaining the 100 yard setback and the whale just happened to come upon them.


Can you say idiots




The whales or the people?

kevin rise

Surprised Harbor Patrol didnt arrest the whale for his reckless endangerment and civil disobedience in the harbor acting like that; kidding.