Gov. Newsom quarantined after coronavirus exposure

November 23, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Sunday night that he, along with his wife and three of their children, have entered a 14-day quarantine after being exposed to a CHP officer who tested positive for coronavirus.

Newsom and California First Lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom learned late Friday evening that they and three of their children had been exposed to the CHP officer who contracted the virus. The governor and the First Lady had no direct interaction with the officer, and on Sunday, Newsom’s entire family tested negative for coronavirus, Newsom stated in a tweet.

However, the governor, first lady and three of their four children are quarantining for 14 days, in line with local guidance.

Separately, on Friday, a spokesman for the governor said one of Newsom’s children was exposed to a classmate at school who tested positive for coronavirus. Newsom’s child tested negative for the virus, but began a 14-day quarantine without the rest of the governor’s family.

Newsom stated in a tweet he wishes the CHP officer who tested positive for coronavirus a speedy recovery.

“We are grateful for all the officers that keep our family safe and for every frontline worker who continues to go to work during this pandemic.”

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EPIC juvenile comments section! You have outdone yourselves.

I voted your comment up because I was shocked at the brevity. For you, that is amazing.

Second that.

EPIC juvenile actions (french pantry, etc etc) on the part of our public officials deserve EPIC juvenile comments!!!!

Oh yeah, just EPIC LMAO

Well, the President got it and managed to survive despite being in multiple high risk groups as an obese elderly person with heart disease who never exercises and eats junk food all day. So if Newsom get it, as someone in their 40s who is fit, takes care of himself, exercises and is in good health, he should be just fine.

CHP officers drive him and are his security detail Not a surprise there.

I wish him all the worst.

No sympathy for him. Exposure and confirmed case are two different things. He’s trying to get sympathy points after getting caught with his lobbyist.

NickG BEST comment of the night.

It wasn’t his best friend’s wife this time?