Paso Robles police arrest man for fifth vandalism this year

November 5, 2020

Joel Dominguez

Paso Robles police arrested an alleged serial vandal Tuesday night for smashing the windows of several businesses in the North County city. [Paso Robles Daily News]

Early Tuesday morning, smashed windows were found at four or more Paso Robles businesses located in the 400, 1700 and 1900 blocks of Spring Street, as well as one in the 1200 block of Park Street. The business in the 1200 block of Park Street appears to be Brown Butter Cookie Company, which fronts on 12th Street.

Officers arrested Joel Dominguez, 32, for felony vandalism. Police say it is the fifth time this year Dominguez has been arrested under similar circumstances.

Dominguez is not currently in custody, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office website.

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It’s the modern Ernest T. Bass. He’s coming after Charlene soon.

This guy is exactly what is wrong with this Country now a days. No accountability. These businesses are having a tough enough time right now just surviving.

He’s probably moved up to first in line for a drug and alcohol no barrier binge-room at the Motel 6 in Paso. And yes, drugs and alcohol will be freely allowed and one cannot be evicted for their use, read the proposal. Paso better plan on buying more motels/hotels as the 120 rooms will fill up fast and more junkies will demand free housing. The Paso Robles Inn, Hotel Cheval, and the new La Plaza are conveniently located and offer the higher quality and better location the homeless are entitled to according to their advocates. Let’s buy them next. You’ll also need the La Quinta, Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, La Bellasera, Oxford Suites, Adelaide Inn, pretty much every hotel room in Paso. And then you’ll have to build more, it will never stop, and forget about that TOT and sales tax funding city services that makes hotels attractive.

Do you do any local work with the community, or just type angry things online? I wouldn’t ask if I didnt provide services locally through volunteering. At least your talking points aren’t Nationally relative or valued anymore. Your platform for intolerance is gone. Fyi, owners of Pony Club are millionaires, if they were taxed based on their income, we wouldn’t have homeless people. Same with big business made to be held accountable for offshore tax evasion, like Trump. Here comes Prison.

What we’ve got here is, failure to communicate-

Naw, voting and democracy isnt a failure. People communicated fine. Even if you dont agree, that’s America baby!

He’s laughing. He’s figured out that there is nothing the police can do, there are no consequences, and he’s feeling a sense of victory. And rightly so. If I were him I’d be throwing rocks through windows Antifa-style the night they let me out…after some booze and dope of course.

I didnt know you knew the man, wow!

Another catch and release, thanks city leaders.

Maybe get rid of Bail?

NO problem, he’s out breaking more windows as we speak, sheesh.

He’s 32? Looks more like 52!

Its all that clean living he has been doing.